Lawyer Klayman: CNN Officials Should Be Arrested by Secret Service!

Klayman: CNN Calling the Pastor Inflammatory Is More Than Hypocritical After It Criminally Suggested the Assassination Earlier Today of Trump! Responsible CNN Officials Should Be Arrested by the Secret Service!
CNN Exclusive: Inflammatory pastor scheduled to preach to Trump before inauguration

By Daniel Burke
January 19, 2017
A pastor with a long history of inflammatory remarks about Muslims, Mormons, Catholics and gays is scheduled to preach at a private service for President-elect Trump and his family on Friday, shortly before Trump takes the oath of office.

The pastor, the Rev. Robert Jeffress, is a Southern Baptist who vigorously campaigned for Trump during the final months of the presidential election and is a member of his evangelical advisory board. “I love this guy!” Trump has said of Jeffress. Before the campaign, Trump, a Presbyterian, had no apparent connection to the pastor, who leads First Baptist Church in Dallas

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