It’s Time We Jews Unmask Purim’s Dark Truths

by TUT editor

ed note an extremely revealing Op Ed that all need to consider down to the cellular level when understanding the Judaic mind and what it has wrought upon the civilized world today.

Keep in mind that Purim is not some recently added feast such as ‘Hollerco$t Remembrance Day’. It has been around for thousands of years, sitting there as an open secret to be studied, analyzed, and quantified in getting a better grasp as to how the eternal menace thinks and the behavior that inevitably must emanate from this thinking. At its heart, it is the BIBLICAL, not Talmudic, tale of Judaic revenge, violence, mass murder, deception, prostitution and the penetration–n pun intended–of a political system using a woman as the bait.

And, as our esteemed Hebraic author makes clear, the precedent for doing this goes all the way back to the beginning of the affair–Abraham and Sarah. The story told in Genesis–the very first book of the Torah, mind you–of the manner by which Abraham utilized his wife Sarah’s feminine sex as a means of climbing the political ladder is a lesson for all peoples at all times, in that it sets the precedent for Jewish interests utilizing these very same methods in plying their craft.

Notice too, as our esteemed Hebraic author points out, that Esther was already married to Mordechai, said to be her cousin, just as Sarah was married to Abraham who was described in the book of Genesis as her ‘half brother’, indicating 2 things–

1. That Jews have the precedent as handed down by their various patriarchs–of selling THEIR OWN WIVES into prostitution if it benefits them in personal ways political or mercantile.

What it also reveals–although on a secondary level–is that incest has always been an issue with them as a people and therefore, given what we know today about the mental problems that attend those ‘closed’ communities where this practice is common, this fact goes a long way towards better understanding why the Judaic mindset is as plagued as it is with mental issues, a fact attested to by Jewish interests themselves in the various periodicals they often write dealing with mental illness.

But perhaps the most revealing thing with which the reader walks away realizing after reading this is the manner in which our esteemed Hebraic author completely misses the bigger issue surrounding Purim and what it signifies on a geo-political scale. For her, it is all about sexual harassment and the manner by which Jewish women have been exploited in furthering the interests–both political and business–of Jewish men, completely missing the much more problematic issue dealing with the fact that at its heart, Purim is the Judaic celebration of the slaughter of 75,000 Persians by Judaic terrorists, manifested today in the practice of Jews eating pastries said to resemble the body parts and internal organs of their Persian enemies, all of which conditions the Judaic mind towards the acceptance of mass murder, deception, and terrorism in furthering the aims of Judea.

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