Satanyahu Waives Piece of Downed Drone & Threatens War With Iran

Waving piece of downed drone, PM threatens direct military action against Iranby TUT editor

‘Do you recognize this, Mr. Zarif?’ PM asks security confab attended by Iran FM, warns Tehran to ‘not test Israel’s resolve’

ed note–if there is something both familiar and ominous about this latest piece of theatricism on the part of Nutty Netty, it’s for good reason.

Call to mind a few years ago when on the floor of the UN General Assembly, he brandished the cartoon of the bomb with the lit fuse which he said represented ‘Iran’s nuclear weapons program’, but which, as outlined here, was actually a veiled threat to the rest of the world about what kind of holy hell was about to be unleashed if he didn’t get his way with Iran being ‘annihilated’, utilizing the past participle which Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used in signaling her allegiance and subservience to Judea, Inc.

And likewise with this little drama as well. That he chose to display this on the VERY DAY in which an Iranian airliner went down and where all onboard were killed and after a good 3 weeks of daily coverage of a new book detailing the manner in which Israel was about to shoot down an airliner full of Palestinians in order to kill Arafat is not just by happenstance or accident. As anyone who has flown on a modern aircraft will immediately recognize, the particular section of the Iranian drone which Israel claims to have shot down and which Mr. Armageddon himself is holding up for all to see is that section of the wing known as the flap that is necessary for lift and for landing.

Nor should anyone make the mistake of thinking that Netanyahu is only threatening Iran in this manner. Just as it was in 2o12 on the floor of the UN General Assembly, the threat is being made across the board to all relevant players that if they don’t ‘get right’ with the GAAAAWD of Israel, they will suffer a similar fate as those who lost their lives in both the Russian and Iranian planes that recently went down.

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