‘Holocaust is a Religion That is Used to Protect Israel Against ANY Criticism.’

Advisor to Polish President– ‘Holocaust is a religion that Jews utilize in protecting Israel against any criticism.’

by TUT editor

Andrzej Zybertowicz, adviser to Polish President Andrzej Duda, characterizes Israeli outrage over recent legislation banning the ascription of blame to Poland for Nazi crimes during the Holocaust as stemming from a ‘feeling of shame at the passivity of the Jews during the Holocaust.’

ed note–what can we say about this, other than SHA-ZAAAAM!

As predicted here at the very outset of the concerted screeching campaign on the part of Judea Inc, what this new law represents is the beginning of something even bigger and is aimed at undermining the Jews’ ability of terrorizing the world into giving in to their incessant and infernal demands and using the Hollerco$t as the weapon in doing so.

This law is not aimed at just saving Poland. It is something that was more than likely carefully crafted with other world powers, including–believe it or not–Germany, who recently ran to the defense of this new law by taking on to herself 100% of the blame for the (non-existent) great Hebraic barbecue which Jewish interests use in blackmailing Gentile nations all around the world into surrendering their money, political support and strangling control of the media.

As the old saying operates–what goes around comes around and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The saddest truth to the whole ugly business however is that the Jews themselves–save a few odd exceptions–will not begin the rehabilitative process of asking the most important questions that need to be asked in rescuing themselves from the perennial, never-ending parade of persecutions, pogroms and prosecutions, namely–

‘What is it about us as a people, about our collective mindset and our collective behavior, that has resulted in us being the ‘world’s most persecuted people’? Everywhere we have gone–from Egypt to Persia to Rome to Russia, we have been hated, rejected, expelled, etc…After 4,000 years, perhaps it’s time we need to look at the one possibility that up until now we have never considered, which is that there is something aberrant and obnoxious about our collective behavior that has resulted in the autonomic and reflexive reaction on the part of various nations in coughing us out of their body and social politic time after time.’

No, sadly, rather than engaging in the aforedescribed process of reasoned, rational and balanced contemplation, instead the Jews as a group–minus as we said a few odd exceptions–will take the path of least resistance and will pop that one pill they always take in anesthetizing any qualms or questions they have over their troubled past by attributing all of it to…

–drum role please–

‘anti-Shemitism’. Read more of this post

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