Congressional Candidate Paul Nehlen (Wisconsin) Blames ADL For Twitter Ban

Paul Nehlen Blames ADL For Twitter Ban

by TUT editor

ed note–again, as we pointed out in the recent ed note dealing with Nehlen’s ‘Twitter ban’, what this little drama represents is the utter, hopeless, insipid stupidity of the entire ‘alt-right’ paradigm in doing battle against an organized and powerful enemy that seeks our complete ruination and destruction.

That he thought ‘black-facing’ the soon-to-be bride (who is guilty of nothing more than the accident of her birth in having an African-American mother) was a good strategy in helping along his political aspirations, paired with the fact that he is now blaming the closure of his twitter account on a ‘vast Jewish conspiracy against whites’ underscores yet again how the white-centric neighborhood has become an absolutely indispensable tool in helping further along Jewish interests and their agenda, all the while thinking they are fighting ‘duh good fight’ in saving western civilization.

What’s worse is that as of this moment, there is yet to be found a SINGLE alternative news outlet criticizing Nehlen’s ‘strategy’ in this matter for its utter stupidity, and even worse than that is the tsunami of praise and support he is receiving by all the usual suspects which is being screen-captured and used in painting all opponents of Jewish power as racists and haters. Read more of this post

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