West Point Exposed: Creating Psychopathic Leaders Who Represent Oil & Corporate Interests ONLY-We Have a Politically Corrupted West Point.

Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down

Joachim Hagopian



West Point Exposed

The US Military Academy at West Point has been churning
out America’s elite officer corps since 1802. The father of
our country and first President George Washington in his
1796 presidential farewell address extolled the virtue and
importance of establishing a national military academy for
our new nation’s security. A few years earlier, then General
Washington believed West Point the garrison to be the most
important location during the entire Revolutionary War as it
effectively prevented the British Army from splitting the
colonies in two. And so under the presidential authority of
our third President Thomas Jefferson, the granddaddy of all
military academies throughout the world was opened at West
Point, New York. This pivotally crucial war garrison
strategically located fifty miles up the Hudson River from
New York City was to be called the United States Military
Academy, otherwise most famously known as West Point.
For more than two centuries now this most prestigious,
revered institution has enjoyed a sterling reputation for
its renowned brand of leadership. All of America’s most
famous generals such as Grant, Lee, Pershing, MacArthur,
Patton, Bradley and Eisenhower were all West Point graduates
that led America through its most perilous wars and toughest
times. Spawning two presidents, countless legendary war
heroes, senators and CEO’s, West Point and America’s history
are forever intertwined in the annals of our national glory
and triumph.
That said, the modern West Point is an overrated
institution that has been living on its past laurels far too
long. For more than a half century the brass factory on the
Hudson has been cranking out a cookie cutter mold of 
mediocre to toxic leadership responsible for losing 
America’s three longest wars in its history, made our world 
more dangerous than ever before, and created a war machine 
that is globally destructive, gluttonously corrupt and 
morally bankrupt. 
Strong indication of inferior leadership this past half
century is when West Point officers continue leading America
astray down three decade long, critically exorbitant wars
that result in costly defeats in Vietnam, Iraq and still
Afghanistan. The other much briefer Empire interventions
like Haiti, Nicaragua, Panama, Grenada, Kosovo and the first
Gulf War were all lopsided war crime victories in violation
of international laws where we either pulverized our enemies 
with firepower overkill that murdered far too many innocent 
civilians or overwhelmed much smaller weaker forces to saber 
rattling, jingoistic chants of “America’s Number One!” 
Then after Vietnam came our next major
counterinsurgency wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after the
9/11 attacks. Our Pentagon brass commanded these losing
causes, learning nothing from Vietnam as they simultaneously
sank our nation into two protracted quagmires involving
decade long military occupations, while draining our
economy. When we realized we couldn’t win these wars either,
we began euphemistically calling for more modest strategic
objectives like “nation building.” The problem is the
insurgent enemy forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan, like in
Vietnam, are stronger than the corrupt puppet governments we
set up and their forces we train to defend and feebly take
over when we leave. Both wars have been conceded as costly
humiliating losses for America, in each case against the
will and sentiment of the American people. But Empires do 
not operate on behalf of the interests of the people but 
instead the ruling corporate elite. So once the Bush regime
ended, the neocon agenda under Obama lives on, militarizing
and destabilizing the planet with continued brute force
unilateral aggression. The neocon plan to systematically
take out Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria and Iran,
installing weak puppet governments that look the other way
while global corporations get first dibs on oil production
and control, one by one is executed with growing disapproval
from the watching world.
The brilliant mind who was a “starman” at West Point,
meaning top 5% academically, never quite got it. General
David Petraeus’ PhD dissertation from Princeton ironically
was all about learning lessons so we would avoid more future
Vietnams. Despite his West Point stars and Ivy League post
grad degree, the starman only proved he needed to go back to
school. From day one in both Iraq and Afghanistan West Point
generals have failed because they caved in and went along
with their neocon bosses’ overly inflated optimistic plan
that our superior firepower would have us in and out of both
countries like a breeze. America failed its stated mission
to build democracies in either country. Presently a weak
puppet government in Iraq is mired in indefinite sectarian
civil war violence and Afghanistan’s puppet government has
little control outside the confines of its capital Kabul.
As a West Point cadet during the final years of the
Vietnam War and a graduate from the Class of 1973, I am
uniquely qualified to expose the less than honorable
machinations of this most cherished and honored institution.
As the first cadet ever to successfully challenge and beat
the West Point system in a court of law, I single handedly
brought the constitutional right to due process to the
Academy, forcing it to change its rules after 170 years to
no longer operate above the law. For the very first time, I
shall lift the veiled curtain and reveal the very broken
system for what it really is, and how my West Point peers
and classmates are busily pushing us off the doomsday cliff.
My freshman roommates were none other than the longest
running four year commander of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
General John Abizaid and the recent American Ambassador to
Afghanistan retired General Karl Eikenberry. Ex-CIA Director
David Petraeus, current Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff
General Martin Dempsey and current National Security Agency
(NSA) Director General Keith Alexander are all members of
the Class of 1974 directly behind me. Having received the
exact same West Point education and leadership training as
the most powerful men in America presently leading us to
catastrophic ruin, I offer a never before insider’s view of
the military system that shapes and molds America’s leaders
into cutthroat, blindly obedient bureaucrat-politicians.
Through the telling of my own personal odyssey as both
a cadet and Army officer, I shall illustrate how our world
has been driven to the brink of self-annihilation. With an
overstretched military protecting the powerful interests of
the ruling elite, humanity is headed on a collision course
that has placed the life of every person on this planet in
peril. America’s pervasive culture of violence and its 
Empire wars are threatening the very survival of this earth. 
With over a thousand active military installations spread
throughout the world with 1.3 million American military
occupiers, both the military industrial complex and Pentagon
have never been more powerful. Our warmongering government 
teamed with a war waging military and the killing war
machine of an unchecked military industrial complex has
created an unholy trinity that has our world more armed and
dangerous than any previous time in recorded human history.
In the meantime, America’s shrinking middle class has seen 
its hard earned taxpayer dollars squandered funding an 
overstretched Empire on multiple warfronts. America’s very
way of life and standard of living have been sacrificed in
this blood for oil end game.
The story of America’s most famous living general,
David Petraeus, exposes what has gone wrong with both West
Point and America. To demonstrate the sharp contrast of then
and now, two historical figures from America’s past are
offered in a chapter to exemplify West Point at its best,
followed by the modern poster boy Petraeus for West Point at
its worst. The final two chapters explore America’s
disastrous foreign policy responsible for today’s permanent
global war state and the increasing militarized police state 
here at home. The final chapter covers our rapidly vanishing
lost liberties at the hands of the US government’s tyranny
and oppression. The Epilogue addresses before it becomes too
late what we citizens of the world can do to unite and save
our precious and sacred planet for future generations to
come. The telling of my story exposes the broken West Point-
military system, shattering its myth, mystique and illusion
to uncover how we arrived at this dangerous precipice.

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