Trump’s Approval Rating Drops Across the Board (Due to Zion Media Deluge)

Trump’s Approval Rating With Jews Dips To 26%

by TUT editor

The Jewish Daily Forward

As the one year marker for Donald Trump’s presidency approaches, a new poll shows he holds an anemic 26% approval rating among Jews.

Support for Trump by Jews dipped by 1 percentage point, part of an across-the-board decline in support.

It indicates that Trump has lost backers in all electoral blocs – from liberals to Republicans, evangelicals to atheists – since his inauguration a year ago.

The poll registered a decline in support by Jews for Trump, but it’s less significant that that among many other population groups.

The most significant drop was a 12 percentage point drop among Democratic men and a 10 percentage point fall among Hispanics. For Democratic women, another group that strongly opposed Trump in 2017, the president registered a 2 percentage point drop in approval.

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