Trump-‘No More Aid Unless Palestinians Talk Peace’

Trump–‘No more aid unless Palestinians talk peace’

by TUT editor

ed note–Before all the usual suspects erupt with their now-infamous reflexive and reactive theatrics, perhaps we should all just utilize some of the gray matter given to us by our creator and weigh all of this rationally before engaging in the now all-too-predictable ‘boogie woogie’ that seems to accompany all events such as this.

If (and it is a big ‘if’) Trump has somehow found some reservoir of energy and resolve and has thus decided to wade back into this ‘peace’ business between the Jews and the Christians and Muslims of Palestine, then everything he has done makes sense from a rational, practical, and political perspective. The Jews and Arabs both want Jerusalem–fine, then as far as he is concerned, like King Sollermun, (quoting the very entertaining character ‘Jim’ from Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn) divide it up like a stash of cash and dole it out evenly. That is what he meant by taking ‘Jerusalem off the table’, in that by ‘recognizing’ the ‘facts on the ground’, i.e. that Israel is already doing her government business from there, what he has actually done is to remove the one thing which the Jews ALWAYS AND INVARIABLY USE as the excuse for not negotiating peace with the Palestinians–the ‘issue’ of Jerusalem.

Next, the money.

Keep in mind the precedent that has been set here–that those who refuse to come to the negotiating table will lose their American aid–

which includes Israel…

Remember, this is the same Trump who said in the not-so-distant past that he was favorable towards the notion of sending Israel a ‘bill’ for everything the US has given her over the years, a statement that resulted in a tsunami of Judaic screeching and howling. Also note what Trump is quoted saying in the following piece below–

He also repeated a point he’d made before — that Israel would have had to ‘pay’ for the Jerusalem recognition, apparently with a major concession that would be enticing to the Palestinians and advance their aspirations, underscoring it by saying ‘The fact is that there were never any deals that came close, because you could never get past Jerusalem…I helped them, because I’ve taken it off the table. That was the toughest issue…’

And all can rest assured that this little nuanced statement concerning American aid being contingent upon coming to the negotiating table was NOT lost on the Jews.

Furthermore, all can rest assured as well that they were not in the least bit pleased that Trump signaled to Abbas and his crew that if they lighten up and settle down that the peace negotiations can be restarted, since what the Jews want is for ‘peace’ to remain frozen in limbo so as to afford today’s Maccabees, Zealots, and Siccari the time and cover they need in gobbling up more Palestinian land.

Yeah, I know, it’s a lot easier (and certainly a lot more emotionally satisfying in a very puerile and childish way) to just fall back on the old ‘boogie woogie’ that invariably accompanies all viceral reactions on the part of ‘duh muuvmnt’ when it comes to Israel, Zionism, and Jewish power, but perhaps it would be profitable for all those who made up their minds long before any of the raw data came in to consider that politics is oftentimes (if not always) a complex, convoluted, highly-nuanced and multi-layered phenomenon that sometimes requires more than merely a superficial, 5 second appraisal and analysis in grasping the entire picture.

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