Pax Judaica: Zionist ‘Jew’ New World Order-All Others Slaves

Israeli President Rivlin to Foreign envoys–‘ Israel is not compensation for the Hollerco$t’

by TUT editor

“The State of Israel came into being from the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in its own homeland.”

ed note–remember that indeed this notion, that Israel was ‘compensation for the Hollerco$t’, was THE predominant argument that was used by organized Jewish interests FOR DECADES in browbeating and sin-shaming the West into giving into each and every Goddamned demand that organized Jewry made, whether in the form of money, military arms, political protection, or just plain-old subservience and kow-towing.

But there is a bigger issue which needs to be understood in this besides the simple issue of typical, organic Judaic dishonesty and duplicity–

When he up-ends and overturns what has been the standard line for decades, that Israel was ‘compensation’ for the Hollerco$t, Rivlin is speaking in the kind of Messianic language that should–if it were thoroughly understood by all for its implications–make people nervous. What he is talking about here is the ‘Manifest Destiny’ of the Jewish people in establishing Pax Judaica, where all the world’s affairs are run out of Jerusalem with a rod of iron and where ‘the nations’ either obey or are subjected to the kind of blood-n-guts/fire-and-brimstone measures that are the main ingredients of the judaic god Yahweh’s ‘negotiation’ methods. Read more of this post

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