Middle East Geopolitics: Palestinians Are Original Canaanites?

Abbas Rips Into Trump: Palestinians Are Original Canaanites, Were in Jerusalem Before the Jews

by TUT editor

Speaking in Egypt, Abbas says ‘Every U.S. administration curses its predecessor – how can we have faith in them as mediators?’

ed note–as the readers of this website know all too well, it is a theme hammered home relentlessly that until the sane word begins to understand and deal rationally with this thing known as Judaism going ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE BEGINNING, meaning the ‘5 books of Moses’, that there will never come a rational, productive response in cleaning up the mess that these people have made for the rest of us.

Having said that, as much as Abbas thinks he has just ‘struck a blow’ for his people and for the historical right that the Palestinians have to their homeland, he has just inadvertently handed his enemies a baseball bat with which to bash out not only his brains, but as well to beat to death the entire Palestinian cause. What’s worse is the fact that he has just handed this baseball bat to 95 million Christian Zionists and has thus validated Israel’s claimed ‘right’ to steal the land out from under its rightful owners by virtue of what is written in those ‘5 books of Moses’ otherwise known as the Torah.

The Canaanites are described in the aforementioned Torah as bloodthirsty savages whose utter extermination is commanded by the violent and vindictive ‘god’ of the Jews, yahweh, leaving ‘nothing alive that breathes’. The Judaic narrative as recounted in these ‘holy books’ is that the Canaanites were an accursed race beyond any redemption and that the only rational way to deal with them as to extinguish their very existence from the planet, save for a handful of them consigned to live as slaves for the Jews as ‘hewers of wood’ and ‘carriers of water’.

Now, whether there is any historical/archeological proof of those cultural characteristics ascribed to the Canannites in the Judaic narrative is immaterial and irrelevant. Of course the argument could (SHOULD) be made that anything coming out of the mouth of Judea, Inc going ALL THE WAY BACK to the beginning of ‘the affair’ needs to be viewed (AT BEST) with skepticism or with downright denial, given what we know about the Judaic penchant for twisting facts and figures in order to create the ‘proper’ mood needed for the planned-for seduction and psychological sexual assault.

The bottom line is that Abbas–as well as others like him–who jump into this arena of trying to use JUDAIC sources such as the Old Testament as ‘proof’ of their own identity and thus of their rightful claim to a particular piece of land and all the political rights that come with that ownership have just set themselves and their case back immeasurably by describing themselves as the living descendants of the very people whom the Jews (and their legion of Christian Zionist followers) believe they and their ancestors were commanded to exterminate by their violent and vindictive ‘god’ yahweh. What’s worse is the fact that whatever may have remained of Trump’s desire to broker the ‘ultimate peace deal’ has now been cut off at the knees, as Judea, Inc now will undoubtedly go into screech mode to all of its Christian Zionist cult addicts that any moves on the part of Trump, Inc to broker said deal is by its very nature contradictory to the very meat and potatoes of ‘duh Babble’ as evidenced by Abbas’ own words. Read more of this post

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