Maybe Our Fake Media Should Be Called the Zionist Threat!

The Russian threat is real, and it matters

by TUT editor

ed note–keep in mind as we wade through all this ‘THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING’ noise coming from the JMSM 2 important items–

1. The JMSM is absolutely 666% devoted to the destruction of America. These same people who are now fear-mongering about ‘Russian influence’ over the American political process have ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO SAY about the REAL, TANGIBLE, DIRECT, VISIBLE, AND MEASURABLE influence which Judea, Inc exercises over this same process, with organizations such as AIPAC and what is the incontestable armlock which these interests exercise over 435 SITTING MEMBERS OF CONGRESS, to say nothing of the manner by which the processus cogitabat Americanus has become their plaything as if it were a mere marionette on strings.

2. But the other thing to keep in mind is the following–the target of all this ‘Russian meddling business’ is not the Russians. It’s not Putin. It’s not the Chinese, the Ay-rabs , the Eye-ranians or the Natzees.

It’s Trump, the same man who a depressingly-high percentage of ‘experts’ in the 9/11 ‘Truth Movement’ claim with dogmatic certainty is ‘owned by the Jews’, the same Jews who own the media in America lock, stock, and barrel, the same Jews who own Congress, Mueller, and all the various gears and levers making up the ‘special investigation’ that threatens to bring Trump down.

As we have said here many many times but with unfortunately, no ‘takers’–those mking up the ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ brigade, please explain–in rational, non-emotional/non-hysterical terms–this obvious disparity.

Go ahead, take your time formulating your thesis. We’ll patiently wait…

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