Google’s Plan to Exterminate Independent Media
Google is rolling out a plan to exterminate all independent media
Mike Adams The evil search engine giant, Google, is rolling out a “final solution” to exterminate all independent media. YouTube has already begun the process of terminating indy media accounts, and it’s accelerating by the day…

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to support Natural News as we go to battle with Google in a David vs. Goliath epic fight for freedom.

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Strict eating and fasting schedule cleans the blood: Study finds it could clear out proteins that cause Huntington’s diseaseBy Tracey Watson | Read the full story
Despite studies finding increases risk of cancer from cellphone radiation, the FDA claims they’re safe as long as you’re not a “heavy user”By Ethan Huff | Read the full story
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Hydrogen-powered train on track for public use in the U.K. by 2020By David Williams | Read the full story
No matter how well you eat, too much salt still causes high blood pressure, according to new studyBy Michelle Simmons | Read the full story
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The truth about pet cancer and the epidemic that no one talks aboutBy Florence Garrington | Read the full story
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More of Today’s ArticlesHow to store meat long-term when living off-grid
Preppers know that there are several methods that can be used to prepare meat for long-term storage. However, canning is one of the simplest ways to store meat when SHTF because it ensures that …

Sickos: Planned Parenthood now wishing that a Disney princess would have an abortion (to set an example for children)
The Alt-Left is pushing full-bore to destroy what remains of traditional America and her values, as evidenced by the Pennsylvania affiliate of Planned Parenthood tweeting its desire for a Disney …

DARPA researching method to put injured soldiers into suspended animation to buy more time for help to arrive
Soldiers that are wounded in the battlefield often face terrifying ordeals that can quickly lead to their untimely deaths. For this reason, the military is constantly looking for ways to improve …

Eyr of Sauron: Soon Facebook will offer a creepy reconnaissance robot that can record and post your every move
Not to be outdone by Amazon with its highly invasive “Alexa” spy tool, social media giant Facebook has reportedly filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a …

Too much low-grade calcium supplementation linked to increased risk of colon polyps
When scientists set out to find out whether calcium supplements could help reduce the chances of a person developing colon polyps, they were very surprised when they discovered the opposite …

Alaska’s permafrost holds the world’s largest deposit of mercury; concern growing over potential dangers such as contamination of food supply, water
Mercury is found all over the world — in the soil, water, and air. Very rarely do we associate mercury with ice. Yet, as researchers have discovered, that’s what we have to worry about the most. …

Legal watchdog group files FOIA lawsuit for documents related to political activities of Alt-Left George Soros foundation
Slowly but surely the world is closing in on George Soros and his Alt-Left empire of Marxist interference in the political processes of one country after another. And nowhere is there …

Christian pastors are being arrested in the UK for preaching the word of God… while UK tyrants protect Islamic radicals
Freedom of speech in the United Kingdom is under attack after a Christian preacher was arrested for sharing his faith in the public square. According to reports, David Lynn, a non-denominational …

New, little-seen report warns the nation’s power infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to physical attacks
It’s looking more and more like it will take a major attack against the U.S. power grid before the government and electric industry come together and get serious about protecting it. …

HP launches new line of germicide-resistant computers meant for use in hospitals
The hospital environment is drastically different from the typical school or office setting, partly because of the sheer number of people that go through and interact in it each day. But the …

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