How the Government & Public Schools are Hijacking Humanity’s Creativity by America’s #1 Psychic-Michelle Whitedove (Gov’t Wants Hived Minds!)

During my lifetime I have seen The Indigo Children, the rainbow Children, the crystal and now there is a small pod of special souls coming in. God has sent special groups of children to help us get through this special time.  Well, at first, it was Indigo/Blue Ray Children and the crystal children that were supposed to be the “saviors” of our timeline: born with a mission to shake up our man-made systems and to make a positive impact on this world. But the shadow government figured that out, and wanted their gifts and their light suppressed. With the help of big pharma and government supported public education system soon these special children were labeled and medicated.  I wrote warnings about the ADD, ADHD diagnosis in my first book SHE TALKS WITH ANGELS published in 2000 and wrote warnings about the side effects of the mind altering drugs on children.

Many of these special souls were taken off course by being medicated with psychotropic drugs for ADD and ADHD attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity. These drugs affect the mind, emotions, behavior and the chemical make-up of the brain. I believe that only  25% of these children escaped diagnosis and are working towards their life’s mission.

The shadow government and the system drugged them up with medications which resemble kiddy cocaine. psychotropic drugs suppresses not only their spiritual gifts (many were natural born mediums) but numbs them up so that they can easily be pushed towards the man-made systems of mind control: our broken educational system, dogmatic man-made religion, violent video games, hypnotized by the subliminal messages in our media: Cable, TV, the Internet and the propaganda of the press. Please take notice of what we are allowing to feed the mind of an impressionable child. The internet is a landmine, be ever watchful. Feed the brain positivity!


Spiritually speaking, when a child comes into puberty around the age of 12 or 13 this is when the SOUL becomes accountable.  On a soul level our being has “come of age” and has an inner knowing of what is righteous and what is not. At puberty a child becomes fully accountable to God for his or her actions and Karma (some would call it Sin). But as I prayed about this, I was corrected. We are in a time of quickening and kids are coming into puberty at age  8, 9, 10.  So now you know – -it’s important to mentor your babies and lead them down a loving path because they grow up fast.

Right now, due to the state of chaos on our planet there’s a lesser amount of souls that want to spend a lifetime here and God is strictly limiting the souls allowed. From this point, the beginning of 2018; I Predict that infertility will be at a new all-time high.

But here is the good news: there’s one last group of babies that are being born, they are Star Seeds or Star Children. This group is the last hope for humanity as we have known it. These souls are unique, even their DNA is different. These are advanced souls that have come from across the galaxies and have spent time on more enlightened stars and planets. They are coming now to help humanity. I pray that they will be successful. Help them flourish!
BEWARE: How Darkness Seeps in… 
So now, that puberty comes sooner there are several factors that attribute to children being negatively influenced on a physical and mental level due to hormones added to our food, GMO’s, environmental issues, pharmaceuticals in our drinking water and even the chemtrails in the sky.  They’re putting something in these chem trails, something airborne that’s causing people to have psychiatric snaps.

Beware, children that are on ADD or ADHD medications their emotions are being suppressed. They are suppressed until there is such a volatile build-up of testosterone fueled aggression,  then add the known link between psychiatric drugs and violence in boys.  Whats next?  Did you know that EVERY school shooting we’ve ever had – – the boys had a steady diet of violent video games and were also on psychotropic drugs?

Yes, its true. These boys were so numbed-out and look, they’ll even tell you, they were not even mentally present. They were on automatic pilot. Just like a video game. Look, darkness invades a body… then bang, bang, bang, bang! “Why did you do it?” “ I don’t know, someone hurt my feelings ? We felt like high school outcasts?” These boys , they really don’t have a valid motive for such extreme acts of violence.

Darkness is rampant, and it seeps in where there is mind numbing weakness. So if you don’t have a very strong tie with Spirit, your soul connection to heaven is weakened. You’re a weak link in the chain. You are targeted.  Do heavy drugs, drink alcohol till you black out, feed your mind a steady stream of violence and depravity – you have given darkness an avenue to you mind body and spirit.  If you don’t have a moral compass, a code of ethics, compassion for your fellow man, darkness has found home.


-Slowly wean them off of medicines that are harmful.
-Get them involved in a positive outlets like the arts, sports, civic hobbies and volunteering
-Help them to become more socially interactive
-Teach them about empathy for other children who are less fortunate, who may be handicap, who look different than they do. Teach them kindness towards others
-Encourage positive thinking.
-Encourage prayers of gratitude and praying for others
– Encourage diversity and let them be their true selves
-Have more meaningful conversations with children and less TV and internet
-Consider progressive and more enlightened schools like Waldorf schools and Montessori. 2ndly consider charter schools and private schools that help a child to grow. Homeschooling is another option for those that are up to the task.
-Incorporate more Eastern concepts of life and spirituality. Yoga and meditation are things that children love because it is very natural for them once introduced.
-Encourage children to help their community and humanity also taking responsibility for the care of mother Earth, the plants, the waterways and the beautiful animals too

WORLDWIDE – Psychiatric Breaks & Mental Health Issues

Things are gonna get worse before they get better. It’s a cleansing. There’s a cleansing happening on every level. Some of it’s natural, some of it’s man-made. Some of it’s Big Parma, The Shadow government too. Everybody’s getting up in arms and pointing fingers at everybody getting enraged, crazy violence, men ploughing cars into crowds of people, sniper like shootings in public, movie theaters, schools, shopping plazas. And the shadow government is laughing because they’re underground and they’re like, “Yeah, go to it everybody! You’re gonna make our job easier.” Because they want to start over, the world is overpopulated, we have too much freedom from their point of view.  I see that they’ve already made underground survival quarters for the elite.

There are a multitude of reasons for the psychiatric snaps that we see on the nightly news even in small town America, people are becoming unhinged and violent, as I previously predicted.

People that you know, you will start to see signs.

A lot of people are also sleep-deprived, this is at an all-time high. People are not sleeping. Sleep deprivation can cause hallucinations and not being of your right mind. And if you want  to get a sleepAid well sleep medications have terrible side effects that cause even more imbalances.

Chemtrails, it’s a chemical concoction that they’re releasing in the air and saying, “Oh, it’s just this or that.” But Spirit is saying they’re putting it in the air so that people all get riled up and basically we just take each other out with violence.

So it’s about population control too. Remember, the government has already selected the people who they want to start over the new society. They’re underground. They’re good. Us, on the surface? We’re screwed.

The psychiatric snaps are also about Darkness and the ability to us the mentally unbalanced as a tool to create havoc and to target lightworkers .

Then if there’s enough people having psychiatric snaps and doing mass shootings, then the government will use these cases as leverage to try to take away weapons from the US citizens? The Shadow Government has staged several of these scenarios : the Las Vegas Concert SH00TING was one . The Vegas debacle was shut down from media coverage after day two. There were too many questions that couldn’t be answered. Many died, many more hospitalized. Yet the media never interviewed a single victim. We think we are a free country, yet our TV News Media is heavily monitored. You only see what they want you to see! And now the government is trying to shut down our freedom on the internet too. ( See NetNeutrality  )

I See that our government’s already in the process of trying to pass a law to take away our rights of carrying guns legally. The good cops, the bad cops and the violent criminals can have them, the Government can have the guns, but we, the people, have nothing to protect ourselves with? They are trying to take our rights away from us, and that is happening right now. As they are trying to take us into war, we are at war right now, whether people know it or not, and on every level.

Hand to hand, head to head, toe to toe. Black, white. There is no gray area anymore. No lukewarm, as Jesus said. He spews it from his mouth. You’re either dark soul or a good soul. It’s black or white, but you can’t say that because people think it’s about color of skin. Once in the Earth’s history we were all one color, at the same time. Yes, we’re going to return to be one color here again. Because the planet has to come to peace before everybody can go home, if you know what I mean.

Back to mental imbalances. All right, so it’s in the air. it’s in the food with chemicals that cause imbalances. It’s in the medications. Also, a lot of the electrical gadgets are programming you. Even television is … What do you call that? They are subliminal programming or subconscious messages that will put ideas into your head! Watch a commercial, all the sudden, you had a craving. What messages do the violent video games send to the subconscious? Nothing positive I assure you.

Look at the schools, cursive handwriting is not necessary. Just learn the keyboard.  Are we not going to sign our name any longer?  Schools are removing arts, recess and sports – this is much needed social interaction. They are requiring the children to be on a tablet. Books are outdated? Well let me tell you, the electric goes out, books will still be here!

Today everyone thinks that they’re Einstein now ’cause they can google information…But no one is really learning anything. They’re just looking it up. They’re not learning it through the experience. People need social interaction. We are social beings – without it, there’s loneliness that leads to depression and a feeling of separateness. What the world really needs is positive social interaction and we need spirituality. Humans need more than a stream of electronic information to keep them fulfilled.

Electronics Are Tracking Devices

Our kids are going to know a tablet better than we do. Yes, but what Spirit says about the tablet, or the internet, it’s a landmine. It’s a dangerous place. You can come upon a lot of things that you don’t want to … That’s not good, not pretty, there’s a lot of darkness that shouldn’t be there. It’s a landmine. And they’re watching you. Tag. You’re on the grid. In the Matrix. Phone. Any phone, you can be listened to, they can see you. They track you.

Where you are sitting at this moment, big brother is tracking you. They can satellite in on your front door.  They can stop your car using electronics. You’re under the illusion that you’re making your choices and you’re living in a free country. Well, let me pop everybody’s big bubble. We are not free. This idea of freedom in the United States, it’s an illusion that we have freedom. But the freedom that we do have is being taken away from us right now.

As I have blogged and predicted in years prior. I see the Draft reintroduced.  I see women being drafted in the future too. I said the US Draft would come back. Everybody told me I was wrong. But I was not – the Backdoor Draft is now used: its also called STOP LOSS, the involuntary extension of a service member’s active duty.  I also previously predicted that Judges will begin to say “Son, do you want to go serve or do you want to go to jail for five years?” I still see this happening.


The New Testament in the book of Revelations talks about the Mark of the Beast or the Number of the Beast 666. I want to clarify, the mark is similar to the holocaust when each person is marked with a number but in the future it’s a computer chip that is inserted into the body with your personal identification number. Already big brother wants your fingerprints, blood type, DNA and currently they are conditioning us for face recognition. Have you watched the propaganda commercials: Wouldn’t you like to know where your ancestors are from? Send in your DNA!!  I wouldn’t advise anyone to send in your DNA with your real name and address.

Now children are given a Social Security Number at birth, then we sign up for a Passport, its numbered and RFID chipped.  Next they will implant a chip which is numbered – that is the mark of the beast. Will they make it fun at first? Hey, your chip can unlock your front door; no more keys to loose! Hey use your chip to buy groceries, the funds will be debited from your account!  Guess what? They will also have access to lock you out and thus control and monitor every aspect of your life! Big Brother 666 has plans. Resist!

Written by Spiritual Medium Michelle Whitedove

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