Zionist Israel’s Democrats Think Mueller is Building Obstruction Case Against President Trump

(Israel’s) Democrats think Mueller is building obstruction case against Trump

by TUT editor

Lawmakers also see Mueller ‘in the driver’s seat’ on Russia probe

ed note–remember, that even if Judea, Inc does in fact not get the impeachment she is obviously driving towards, this does not mean that all the noise trying to bring it about is a waste of time/resources.

As we have pointed out here on occasions too numerous to recount, the real issue (s) that has organized Jewry in the throes of this current politico/religious Jepileptic fit is as follows–

1. Trump’s plans of de-escalating American military involvement vis a vis regime change in the Middle East, and

2. Trump’s planned ‘peace deal’ that would in effect rein in Israel by–

A. establishing borders, that would more than likely necessitate US troops in enforcing a ‘de-militarized’ zone an thus ensuring Israel’s ‘security’ concerns, and 

B. creating a Palestinian state.

Now, the thing which Judea, Inc would prefer is Trump being removed and Pence–a died-in-the-wool Israel-firster–take control of the steering wheel. Absent this however, there is still plenty to be achieved by bogging Trump down with all the daily noise and daily screeching that distracts him from what he is trying to do and thus drains him of his energy.

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