Trump’s Spy Network to Combat ‘Deep State’ Enemies-Bet Russia Knows Who the Deep State IS!

Trump considering spy network to combat ‘deep state’ enemies

by TUT editor

ed note–this is more than just slightly-significant. What it underscores–as clearly described in the piece–is that Trump does not have control over his own intelligence agencies. The statement attributed to CIA Director Mike Pompeo that he does not ‘trust the CIA bureaucracy’ indicates that there are operations going on right under his feet by intelligence operatives out to destabilize the Trump presidency that he cannot control and that the only way to counter them is to create a separate ‘agency’ that is given a free hand to do whatever is necessary in rooting these individuals out.

Please remember as well that no such talk–at least in the very frank and forthcoming manner as has occurred here–existed in previous presidencies that truly were controlled by Israel and her deep state operatives in the US intelligence community, and therefore if Trump were ‘owned by the Jews’ as so many ‘experts’ these days claim, there would be no operations taking place to destabilize his presidency and thus no need to create an entirely separate group of spies to counteract it all. Read more of this post

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