Satanyahu Quiet on U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem, Focuses on Iranian ‘Threat’

Netanyahu quiet on U.S. Embassy move in speech, focuses on Iranian threat

by TUT editor

Chosenite From Hell Pictured:  Satanyahu, ZIONIST, ZIONIST, ZIONIST!!!

ed note–before everyone reacts and erupts with all the typical noise, please look at  and consider what may be the underlying strategic reasons for doing this, to wit–

1. The ‘friendship’ that Israel has been trying to cultivate with the Arab countries–most notably KSA, Egypt, Jordan, etc–has now been put to the torch over this issue. The Zionist/Sunni alliance against Iran which Israel envisioned whereby Judea, Inc was then in the position of utilizing the militaries of the aforementioned Sunni countries as proxy forces against Iran has just come to a screeching halt.

2. Israel has now been put under the gun as all her surrounding neighbors are seething with rage, thus putting Netanyahu in the position of being forced to come to Trump on his knees begging for assistance and support, a situation which puts Trump in a much better position in terms of his much-discussed ‘peace deal’ between Israel and the Arabs.

3. Please note that as much as Netanyahu is paying lip service to what appears to be conciliatory overtures on the part of the Trump Administration that he is ‘withholding comment’ until the announcement has been formally made, indicating that Netanyahu has not been given any ‘advance copy’ of what is pending.

And finally, please note how this latest development has been characterized by those who business it is to watch and comment on events of this type–that it is largely symbolic and amounts to nothing more than lip service, as the embassy will likely not be moved to Jerusalem anytime in the near future. 

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