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The Mystery of Q-Anon


By Mike King 


The Mystery of Q-Anon

On October 28, 2017, someone calling themselves “Q” began posting a series of cryptic messages on a web forum called “4chan” in a sub-category under politics (pol) titled “Calm Before the Storm” (in reference to that mysterious Trump quote from early October). Q, aka Q-Anon, claimed to be a high-level government insider with special “Q clearance” (hence the name) tasked with posting “crumbs” for the purpose of covertly informing patriots about Donald Trump’s master plan to rout the Deep State and the whole Globalist-Rothschild structure above them.

Though Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat was on board the Q-train a few weeks ago, your cautious reporter here remained skeptical, yet open-minded.  As a result of too many of Q’s advance clues coming to pass, we are now in agreement that Q is indeed for real – though the jury is still out as to whether Q and the great crusade truly represents the “White Hat” faction of America’s military, intelligence and law enforcement communities, or if Q, and Trump, are just tools of the anti-Globalist Zionists.


Q’s mysterious posts can no longer be dismissed as an Internet hoax. This individual has special knowledge and even some in the Globalist media are getting worried.


According to Q, and as confirmed by recent events, Trump was never really under investigation by Robert Mueller. To the contrary, Q’s advance clues, coupled with subsequent events, have been showing us that it is actually scum such as Killary Clinton, McCain the Insane, Homo- Obongo, George Soros and the Rothschild Crime Dynasty who need to be worried.

The Q phenomenon has since made its way out of the darkest corners of the Internet and attracted the keen interest of the attention-whore Alex Jones (who assures us that although Q is great, his sources are even better.)  and syndicated radio host “Lionel” (Michael William Lebron). Q’s prophetic posts have also caught the scornful attention of New York Magazine (that’s a really good sign!).

Although we encourage our readers to remain cautious of Q’s ultimate intentions, “youse guys” (New Jerseyese for the plural of “you”) ought to have a look at some of the various analysis of his cryptic posts. Eerie as all heck! We list below just three of the many “crumbs” that made us go: “Hmmmmmm.”


November 13, 2017: Q Threatens Lynn de Rothschild — Followed by Deadly Plane Crash at Rothschild Estate


“Lady” Lynn de Rothschild is the American wife of “Sir” Evelyn de Rothschild. She is a rabid supporter of Killary Clinton and fanatically obsessed with tweeting out her pure Satanic hatred against Donald Trump. On November 13, 2017, Q posted a cryptic threat aimed at her family, using the letters “L,” “d,” and “R” (notice how the letter cases match the initials of Lynn de Rothschild).

Just four days after Q’s clue, this headline:

Telegraph: Aylesbury mid-air crash: Four dead as plane and helicopter wreckage lands near Rothschild manor house (here)


After Q’s threat (Image 1) to Lynn de Rothschild (Image 2 with Hillary) and her “family,” some believe that Jacob Rothschild was killed in the aircraft crash which happened on his property.


December 11, 2017: Q Threatens George Soros — Soros disappears?


The initials GS can mean no other than George Soros. Just five days after Q threatened to put Soros in “really special place,” Trump also used the term “very special place” in a tweet. In is interesting to note that after having “tweeted” 4-5 days per week throughout all of 2017, there have been zero tweets from the account of George Soros since November 26th. (here) Prior to that, his longest twitter dry spell for 2017 had been only 10 days. Where the heck is George Soros? A “special place” in Guantanamo?



“A very special place” —-Trump’s tweets often mimick Q’s earlier tweets.

As of the date of this TomatoBubble article, December 27, there have been no tweets from “GS” (an avid twitterer!) for 32 days, and counting. (here)


December 12, 2017: Q States That Doug Jones Will Win Alabama Election and a Vote Fraud Investigation Will Follow 


Before the votes had been counted in Alabama’s Senate race, Q posted, with absolute certainty, of a Democrat victory based on voter fraud and Soros-owned machines. He indicated that the subsequent investigation would expose the Democrat Party. Lo and behold, much to everyone’s surprise, Democrat Doug Jones did defeat Republican Roy Moore, and an investigation is indeed quietly progressing!


Was it a “sting” operation?

The Communist Doug Jones won, but the Alabama Senate election is now under investigation — exactly as Q had told us in his post.


Could it really be that Globalist gangsters are being investigated, arrested and even killed? If so, are the military & law enforcement “White Hats” coming to our rescue, or is this just part of a factional war Zionist vs Globalist war amongst competing gangsters? Are Trump’s repeated two-hand drinking episodes that have so amused the late night commie-comics a signal that people are being placed in handcuffs and sent to prison? Is the growing military-backed power of Trump the reason why GOP anti-Trumpers such as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are suddenly working with and even praising Trump? What’s going on here?

Who can say for sure at this point. But what we will say with certainty is that something big is taking shape — and Q, regardless of his ultimate intentions, should not be ignored.


Trump, who is notoriously etiquette-conscious, has mimicked the manner in which a man wearing handcuffs would drink water. Each time, the Piranha Press has mocked him for it, yet he keeps doing it — most recently while wearing a purple tie which symbolizes Soros “color revolutions.”



Bill and Killary wore the purple colors of a Soros-Rothschild coup just days after the 2016 election. Is Trump’s purple tie and “handcuff” act telling us that the coup has backfired and that people are being arrested?


Killary and McCain have both been wearing ankle boots for past two months, he for a “tendon injury” and she for a “broken toe” sustained while “falling down the stairs backwards while drinking coffee.” Are they concealing GPS ankle devices? (Your cane is on the wrong side,Senator.) McCain was later caught switching his boot from right to left, and explained it away by saying his other leg was getting tired!!!




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