Satanic Stars

Published on Sep 30, 2016

6 Most Shocking Stars You Won’t Believe Have Ties To Satan
1.Marilyn Manson
Shock rocker Marilyn Manson is reportedly an ordained priest in the Church of Satan. He once told Spin magazine, “Hopefully, I’ll be remembered as the person who brought an end to Christianity.”
Marilyn Manson’s name is a combination of Charlie Manson, who was affiliated with the Church of Satan, and Marilyn Monroe, who allegedly had an affair with Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey.

2.Jayne Mansfield
Hollywood bombshell Jayne Mansfield visited Anton LaVey at the Church of Satan in San Francisco in 1966. LaVey gave her a medallion and titled her “High Priestess of San Francisco’s Church of Satan.”
Mansfield became romantically involved with Anton LaVey. She was a practicing Satanist and displayed a framed membership certificate in her pink bedroom. Mansfield and boyfriend Sam Brody died together in a violent car crash in 1967.

3.Nicki Minaj
Mariah Carey has referred to her American Idol costar Nicki Minaj as “Satan,” and she may be on to something. Minaj claims she has an alter ego named Roman Zolanski, who she calls a crazy boy who lives inside her and won’t leave.
The president of the Catholic League condemned Minaj’s 2012 Grammy performance of “Roman Holiday,” which featured flames, levitation, a choir, a priest and sex slaves onstage during her mock exorcism. What possessed Minaj to put this together?

4.Ozzy Osbourne
Many of Black Sabbath’s songs refer to Lucifer and Satan, so it follows that Ozzy Osbourne has been accused of being a demonic influence since early in his career.
It’s been well documented that, in two separate incidents, Osbourne bit off the heads of a dove and bat onstage. Animal activists began protesting his concerts after fans started throwing live animals onstage to be sacrificed for the show. Osbourne’s days of head biting are behind him, and he is dealing with something much scarier: the wrath of his wife, Sharon, on whom he cheated.

5.Marc Almond
Soft Cell singer Marc Almond, the singer of “Tainted Love,” was initiated into the Church of Satan by fellow musician Boyd Rice in 1999. In Almond’s autobiography, he writes, “In an old junk shop I had picked up a battered copy of Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible. I read it with a thrill as I recognized and acknowledged many truths about myself.”

6.Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas has a squeaky-clean, Christian image, but that was called into question when the singer was spotted in public wearing and Aleister Crowley T-shirt. Crowley was an infamous occultist who the press called “the wickedest man in the world.”

My Comment:  Nothin’ Christian About THIS Singer!

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