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An artist’s rendering compares Kumimanu biceae, an extinct giant penguin, to a human diver. Kumimanu stood 5 feet 7 inches and weighed 220 pounds. It is among the earliest known penguin species. 

NY Times: Ancient Penguins Were Giant Waddling Predators




This latest bit of “Evolution” comedy takes us to the Southern Hemisphere for a study of a recently discovered “giant penguin” which the eggheads of academia assure us really did exist — “57 million years ago” (rolling eyes). Science writer and Yale “fellow” Carl Zimmer (confirmed cough cough) brings us the error-ridden story. Parkas and snow boots on, boys and girls. Into Sulzberger’s frozen slime we go.

1. Zimmer’s alleged “areas of expertise” are Evolution and parasites (takes one to know one?). 2. His latest tale of giant penguins is full of holes.


Zimmer: The 57-million-year-old fossil …

Rebuttal: These fossil ages are pulled out of thin air. The crackpot “theoretical scientists” assume that layers of sediment form and petrify at a constant rate — not taking into account the fact that a massive flood, tsunami or other cataclysmic event can accumulate “millions of years” worth of future rock in just a matter of days.

Zimmer: … a long-beaked penguin that stood 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed about 220 pounds.

“It was as tall as a medium-sized man,” said Gerald Mayr, a paleontologist at the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, and lead author of a report announcing the discovery.

Rebuttal: How exactly did Professor Mayr manage to calculate the height and weight of this creature from some “57 million year old” bone fragments? 

Zimmer: By comparison, the tallest living species, the emperor penguin, reaches about four feet in height. Kumimanu biceae, as the fossil was named, would have towered above the emperor.

Rebuttal: Assuming that Mayr’s estimates are correct, the fact that a breed (not species) of penguin may have been a foot & a half taller than the penguins we see today would constitute no more of an example of “Evolution” that the existence of 7-foot tall humans and 5-foot tall humans; or Great Danes and French Poodles. Once again, the evolutionists conflate variation within a species (observable) with cross-species “Evolution” (non-observable).

Zimmer: In 2014, another team of researchers estimated that a 34-million-year-old species stood six feet tall, but they based that estimate only on two bone fragments.

Rebuttal: Though it pertains to another case, this is is a very telling admission that speaks to the general sloppiness of modern paleontology. These grant-seeking academic ass-clowns will often take a single bone fragment, plug it into a rigged create-a-beast “computer model,” and then leap into the wildest conjectures and reckless inferences imaginable.

Zimmer: Both its age and its size make Kumimanu important to understanding the astonishing transformation that turned a lineage of flying birds into flightless swimmers.

Rebuttal: How did penguins turn from fliers into swimmers? Fliers must have light hollow bones in order to achieve and maintain lift. But deep-diving penguins must have solid heavy bones in order to withstand depths of 1,000 or more feet. Tell me, Zimmer, when the first penguin made the switch from flier to deep-sea diver, how did the hollow bones suddenly turn into solid ones? How did momma flying penguin with hollow-bones suddenly hatch a swimming baby with solid ones?

Zimmer: The 18 modern species of penguin are impressively adapted to aquatic life. Rigid, blade-shaped wings enable them to shoot through the water at up to 22 miles an hour.

Rebuttal: Now we get into the mystery of integrated parts. For the penguin to transform from a flier into a swimmer, not only did the bones have to instantly solidify, but the wings had to instantly become “rigid” and “blade shaped” at the exact same moment in time — all by blind chance, none of it ever observed.

Zimmer: But their adaptations to water have also left them unable to fly.

Rebuttal: How did penguins survive during the “transition” stage when they would have been unable to fly (as bones were solidifying)  and unable to swim / dive (because bones still weren’t thick enough and wings weren’t rigid enough)? Got any evidence of the trasitional “missing link” versions? Answer: No!

1. On the basis of a few bone fragments, paleontologists and their magic computer models have been known to “recreate” entire never-before-seen dinosaur “skeletons.”  2. Dog breeds differ greatly among themselves too. It doesn’t prove that Great Danes “evolved” into Poodles. 3. Transforming from fliers into deep sea divers would require a massive and instantaneous re-writing of the penguin’s voluminous genome.


Zimmer: While penguins may look profoundly different from other birds, their DNA points to a close kinship to such species as albatrosses and petrels.

Rebuttal: DNA commonalities do not prove “kinship.” All living creatures have common DNA for the same reason that pizza pies and tacos have common origin from tomatoes, cheese and flour. There is a finite amount of proteins and elemental “stuff” on this planet — so we all share many basic ingredients. That doesn’t mean that the species are “related” to each other from a common ancestor.

Zimmer: Birds accumulate mutations in their DNA at a roughly clocklike rate, allowing scientists to estimate when their lineages branched apart.

Rebuttal: Total fiction. The acquisition of “DNA mutations” or added / deleted chromosomes has never been observed, let alone “clocked.” The “clocklike rate” of accumulated “mutations” is based on a cucko-clock which exists only in the warped minds of these mad scientists.

Zimmer: Studies suggest …

Rebuttal: “Suggest,” eh Zimmer?

Zimmer: … that penguins diverged around the time of the mass extinction that struck the planet about 66 million years ago.

Rebuttal: The oft-repeated / never questioned “66 million years ago” mantra is not only a baseless fabrication, but an indication of the occult / Satanic origins of the “Evolution” hoax.  (6 million Jews – 66 million years ago extinction – 666 number of Satan etc.

Zimmer: A combination of massive volcanic eruptions and an asteroid impact are believed to have been responsible for the global catastrophe.

Rebuttal: “Are believed to have been” responsible, eh Zimmer?

Zimmer: Among the victims were giant marine reptiles and dinosaurs (with the exception of birds, which are feathered dinosaurs). The mass extinctions marked the end of the Mesozoic Era and the beginning of the Cenozoic, which continues today.

Rebuttal: It is as amazing as it is amusing to read these fantastic narratives. With absolute certainty, these crackpots speak of unobserved and unproven events as if they were describing the details of last night’s ballgame.

Zimmer: The new fossil penguin, Kumimanu, was discovered from bones packed in a rock on a New Zealand beach.

Rebuttal: You see how the scam works? They base the age of any given fossil upon the ridiculously miscalculated age of the rock in which the fossil embedded in. The fossil is “57 million years old” because the rock is “57 million years old.” By the way, the embedding of bones in a rock is also a sign of flash-flooding, not gradual, multi-year sediment build-up. Think about it.
1. Just because a taco and a slice of pizza have common ingredients, does that prove that they randomly “evolved” from a common ancestor? 2. The “science” of rock dating is deeply flawed to begin with. Dating fossils from the erroneously-aged rocks then leads to circular reasoning. 3. Darwin’s scam is thoroughly and humorously exposed in “God vs Darwin” by M S King. (here)


Zimmer: To see how it was related to other species, the scientists drew an evolutionary tree and found that Kumimanu and Waimanu belonged to its farthest branches.

Rebuttal: So “they drew an evolutionary tree,” eh Zimmer? And what, pray tell, was this theoretical artwork actually based on?

Zimmer: “We already knew penguins were around, and flightless, just a few million years after the extinction,” said Daniel T. Ksepka, … “The new fossil shows they achieved immense sizes very rapidly as well, which is cool.”

Rebuttal: (palm to face, shaking head, deep sigh)

Zimmer: “It’s an educated guess that makes sense, but there’s no rock-solid evidence,” said Dr. Mayr.

Rebuttal: “An educated guess” — “no rock solid evidence.” 


At most, what has been discovered here was that some penguins were bigger than others. But they would still have been penguins, not another species and hence — no “Evolution” .


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read a fascinating piece the New York Times science section today about a recently discovered giant ancestor of the penguin.

Boobus Americanus 2: The miracles of Evolution never cease to amaze.


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