Needed: Palestinian Statehood!

‘Palestinian statehood means the end of the Zionist enterprise’

by TUT editor

Former Education Minister addresses 2017 Jabotinsky conference warns of dangers of establishing PA state.

ed note–as we stress here often, with virtually all things coming out of the mouth of Judea, it must be parsed, dissected, deconstructed, and ‘translated’ in order to grasp and appreciate its true meaning.

Our esteemed Hebraic minister of Ed-Jewcation is not worried that ‘Palestinian statehood along Israel’s eastern border’ would spark a ‘massive wave of Arab immigration into the area, threatening regional stability.’ He knows as well as everyone else that the one thing the Palestinians want first and foremost is separation from the Jews, and that as soon as they have their own space and the peace and quiet that comes with it, that the last thing any Palestinian in his/her right mind would ever want to do again is be forced to look into the ugly face of Judaic racism, violence, and imperialism.

And all can rest assured that our esteemed Hebraic minister of Ed-Jewcation knows this completely, being after all an ‘ed-jewcated’ man.

No, what is really at the crux of all of this is the fact that in the Judaic paradigm as laid out in the Torah, everything lying between the Nile and Euphrates rivers belongs to the Jews, and even though at the moment they consider their little slice of hell on earth to be merely a ‘balcony’ attached to a much larger mansion which they plan to steal as well, the fact is that a ‘Palestinian state’ is by its very nature considered a blasphemy of the highest order, given that Judaism commands the conquest and takeover of the entire Middle East as part of Yahweh’s plan for setting up his Hell-spawned headquarters on earth.

Please look closely at the words used by our ‘ed-jewcated’ minister–‘Zionist enterprise’. If indeed Israel only wantsa lil’ bitta land, which she clearly has already, then the Zionist enterprise would be over. He is talking about much bigger plans than simply some small slice of real estate lying along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, but as with all ‘fine print’ that accompanies all Judaic statements, documents, assertions, etc, the devil is in the details.

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