IRAN aka Persia Was the First to Recognize Jesus as the Messiah

How did Victorian Muslims celebrate Christmas?

by TUT editor


ED-NOTE – As you read the article below, please remember as well that Iran/Persia was the first ‘nation’ to have recognized Jesus as the Messiah (PBUH), the first nation to have sent an official and royal delegation to him thru the Three Magi Kings, renamed the Three Wise Men to erase all connections to Iran. 

The Jews, on the other hand, have been at war against Christ ever since he was born (Massacre of the Innocents) and have not stopped since. Their war against him, his name, his legacy has taken many different shapes, one of them being what they do, how they ‘celebrate’ Christmas. 

For a Jew, Christmas Eve, which they call Nittel Nacht, and Christmas Day are the most impure night/day of the year: it is the night/day where all evil and dangerous spirits gather and run free on planet earth.

And so their rabbis have promulgated a whole series of restrictive edicts which kick off on Christmas Eve-Nittel Nacht. 

Jews are ordered to eat a lot of garlic to keep these evil spirits away, they are forbidden to study the Torah in case some evil spirit might learn something and get some merit for ‘Torah learning’, they are not allowed to go outside, they are not allowed to sleep and – the most important of all the restrictions – they are not allowed to have sex in order to prevent any child be conceived on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

THIS and this alone is what lies at the heart of ‘clash of civilizations’.

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