Hungary’s PM Orban Says George Soros Will Interfere in Election

Hungarian PM Orban says George Soros will interfere in election, vows to stop him
Andrew Cheetham
12 hours ago
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‘Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has vowed to use all the means at his disposal to counter the influence of George Soros, warning that the American billionaire is planning to interfere in next year’s elections in the country.

In an interview with Kossuth radio on Friday, Orban again accused Soros of attempting to undermine Hungarian institutions and society through his network of NGOs and pro-immigration stance, and revealed that the Hungarian intelligence services had compiled a report on Soros’ activities.

“We want a different future, and… it was my duty to enlist all possible tools of the state, including intelligence, the secret services, legal and public debate,” Orban told listeners. “Therefore, we ordered an intelligence report on the composition, workings and Hungarian and European influence of this Soros machinery… Hungary’s very existence is at stake.”

Orban and Soros have long been at odds over the issue of asylum seekers and refugees entering Europe. Orban considers mass immigration, particularly from Muslim countries, as an existential threat to Europe. Soros, meanwhile, has consistently advocated on behalf of refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers. Citing his intelligence report, Orban accused Soros of using his NGOs as a front for supporting opposition groups, which in turn criticize the government’s stance on immigration.

Orban, whose ruling right-wing Fidesz party is currently leading in the polls, then went on to say that Soros is planning to use his network to interfere in parliamentary elections due to take place in April.’

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