Where We Stand: LaRouchePAC Statement on the Flynn Plea

December 2, 2017

As the media and their supporters have gone into their usual fevered frenzy, slobbering over the potential of taking down the President of the United States, it is important to situate, for our supporters, exactly what the Flynn plea means. It represents Mueller’s counter-punch to growing momentum from the House Intelligence Committee and the Courts to fully reveal the British hand in this coup, centered in the phony Steele dossier and its adoption by Obama and his criminal co-conspirators as the instrument to destroy the Trump presidency. It occurs in the wake of the President’s enormously successful visit to China and conversations with President Putin. It occurs as the House Intelligence Committee is contemplating contempt proceedings against the FBI and the Department of Justice for failure to disclose how the Steele dossier was used to instigate the illegal investigation of the Trump campaign by the FBI. In a hearing on Thursday before U.S. District Judge Richard Leon, the Judge had also indicated that he thought most of Fusion GPS’s claimed rights to protect bank records regarding payments related to the Steele dossier were bogus. The bank records are sought by the House Intelligence Committee.

Michael Flynn was fired by President Trump for providing a false account of his conversations with Russian Ambassador Kislyak to Vice President Pence, among others in the Trump Administration. The immediate sequence of incidents leading to his firing arose when his name was illegally unmasked by Obama Administration officials as a result of NSA surveillance. Flynn, however, was already a target, having been fired for dissing Obama when Flynn was head of the DIA and drawing the attention of the British for his attendance at a banquet for RT and his calls for collaboration with the Russians in the war on terror, particularly in Syria.

After unmasking Flynn’s conversations with Kislyak, holdover Obama Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates raced over to the White House to claim that since Flynn had lied about his conversations with Kisylak, and since the Russians knew what was actually said, the Russians had completely compromised Trump’s National Security Adviser. Yates’s insane demand that Flynn be fired on this basis, was leaked to the news media, and in this atmosphere of media hysteria, Flynn agreed to an interview with the FBI in the White House on January 24, 2017. No lawyer was present. A perfect setup. Since that time, Flynn and his son have been investigated to death by Mueller in an effort to concoct criminal offenses. Among them is the bizarre claim by the satanic neo-con James Woolsey that Flynn and company were conspiring to kidnap Fethullah Gulen, and return him to Turkey for a million-dollar fee. Flynn has incurred huge legal fees from the hoity-toity Washington firm Covington and Burling. His lead lawyer, Robert Kelner, publicly joined the Never Trump movement and hates the President. Various articles about the deal point out that Flynn was deeply dismayed by the prospect of his son spending years in prison and about his family being bankrupted by his enormous legal fees.

According to his plea agreement, Flynn lied to the FBI in his interview on January 24, 2017 about conversations he had with Kislyak about the Russian response to Obama’s December 28, 2016, imposition of sanctions for alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections. In reality, according to the plea agreement, Kislyak contacted Flynn on the day the sanctions were imposed, and Flynn asked the Russians not to escalate the situation. Kislyak reported back to Flynn that the Russians would follow Flynn’s advice. Flynn discussed these conversations about Obama’s sanctions with senior members of the Trump transition team.

A second alleged false statement in the same FBI interview concerned Flynn’s conversations with the Russians, among other nations, concerning a December 21, 2016, vote in the U.N. about Israeli settlements. Flynn asked the Russians, among others, to delay the vote or delay the resolution. It is to be emphasized that there was nothing illegal in any of these contacts. Flynn was charged with lying or omitting material facts when he spoke to the FBI about them.

It is also obviously relevant that the entire premise for Obama’s sanctions was fake, since we now know that there was no Russian hacking of the election.

Finally, Flynn pled to making false statements in his Foreign Agents Registration Act statement about his lobbying activities on behalf of Turkey. This is Mueller’s new favorite toy, stretching the use of a vague statute formerly famous for voluntary civil compliance only. Our robot Torquemada, Robert Mueller, has decided to turn the Foreign Agents Registration Act into a criminal bludgeon.

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Thus, as we said in the Mueller dossier, we face the criminalization of political policy differences and crimes manufactured as the result of lies told under incredible duress. Sounds like a banana republic, doesn’t it? As Alan Dershowitz said in reaction to the news that Flynn was cooperating with Mueller, now it is highly probable that General Flynn will lie like crazy, to realize the no-jail-time promise of his plea agreement. Rule of law? Give me a break. The population should be up in arms about this. Mueller must be stopped.

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