Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel

Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel

by TUT editor

ed note–a very interesting and pertinent piece written by a professor whose specialty is the Old Testament.

As the readers of this site know, as part of our daily dissection/deconstruction of geo-political events and the manner by which organized Jewish interests play a predominant, inordinate, and statistically over-represented role, we maintain the position that one cannot understand the role that these interests play without first understanding the religious psychology that drives their thoughts, behaviors, and thus the geo-political/social agendas which these interests pursue.

And, as the readers of this site know, we maintain that one cannot understand this religious psychology without first understanding the foundational basis from which it originates, which is the ‘Old Testament’ and in particular, the first 5 books which collectively make up what is known as the Torah.

What is most revealing in the professor’s piece is the obvious schizophrenia that pervades much of Judaic teaching on the issue of child sacrifice. In one section the Hebrews, Israelites, Jews, Khazars, Shmay-zars–whatever combination of letters and sounds we want to employ in naming them–are told that indeed they are to sacrifice their first born as an offering to Yahweh, and then they are told not to. A few chapters later the original command is repeated, only to again be rescinded.

The obvious problem associated with this is that it leaves those in the grasp of such teachings in a state of moral paralysis in terms of what it is they are supposed to do and not do. When such a situation presents itself, where–within the same book–they are being commanded ‘thou shalt’ only to then be commanded ‘thou shalt not’, the result is all too predictable–a people who are incapable of adjudging right from wrong based upon the precepts of their ‘religion’, making them a pliable and potent force for those issuing all the contradictory commands. In such a situation, when it serves the personal interests of the ‘ruling class’ to emphasize the ‘thou shalts’, they do, and then when it serves their own personal interests to emphasize the ‘thou shalt nots’, they do, reaping the rewards of harnessing the mental energies and political activities of a people who will blindly go where they are told to go and blindly do what they are told to do.

Bringing this thing to the present day, it is also a very clear window into the MO of the Jewish state as it exists today–both in ‘Israel proper’ as well as those other areas of the world (principally the once ‘Christian’ West) where powerful organized Jewish interests hold sway over political, cultural, and social issues.


In Israel, non-Jewish children, i.e. the Palestinians, are sacrificed on a daily basis by the high priests of the IDF who–using military methods backed up by political protocols–engage regularly in a modern-day repeat/representation of the same child sacrifice taking place in the Old Testament in appeasing the god of the Jews, Yahweh.

In the West, the crushing-in-its-weight over-representation of Jewish interests in the abortion on demand business should not be seen as a mere accident either, given the deeply-embedded protocols and paradigms within the Judaic psyche as a result of the religious psychologism that adheres to the necessity of human sacrifice as the principal means of ‘getting on the right side’ of the Hebraic god.

Put in less sophisticated and easier to understand language, what we are dealing with here are some really sick puppies, and what’s worse is the fact that they are in near total control of the world’s economy, media, political systems and are armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons which they have threatened to unleash upon the world in what they envision as the ultimate ‘burnt offering’ as commanded by Judaism in appeasing the violent, blood-demanding god of the Hebrews, Yahweh.Read more of this post

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