Censored: Ukraine on Fire-Unavailable on Amazon and Unavailable on youtube.com

Oliver Stone Documentary: “Ukraine On Fire”

OLIVER STONE accuses the CIA for UKRAINE’S COUP and the KIEV MASSACRE. He believes the Western Media is NOT reporting the TRUTH about the developments of the Urkaine Crisis and is PRODUCING a NEW DOCUMENTARY on the UKRAINE CRISIS based on the Truth. He claims the “CIA’S Fingerprints are all over the KIEV MASSACRE.


Oliver Stone? Truth teller?  Holy shit, maybe there is hope.

Someone should send SSS free tickets. I’m sure he’ll love this movie.

My Comment:  This Fat Asshole (above) Kagan is a Zionist and promoter of PNAC-the plan to overthrow a group of countries in the middle east and countries by Russia’s borders.  He and his ilk never fight any wars but send America’s troops to commit war crimes against sovereign nations.  As another Zionist Kissinger stated:

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