Apple Was Financed by the CIA’s Sequoia Bank From the Beginning

Dark Alliance

Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion is a 1998 book by journalist Gary Webb. The book is based on “Dark Alliance”, Webb’s three-part investigative series published in the San Jose Mercury News in August 1996. The original series claimed that, in order to help raise funds for efforts against the Nicaraguan Sandinista government, the CIA supported cocaine trafficking into the US by top members of Nicaraguan Contra Rebel organizations and allowed the subsequent crack epidemic to spread in Los Angeles. The book expands on the series and recounts media reaction to Webb’s original newspaper exposé.

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Child Sex Trafficking – The CIA, Deep State and Satanism

October 30, 201806237

by Jamie Busby, David Icke:

Right now, there is a worldwide network operating a vast human trafficking ring with far-reaching implications. Certain people within the CIA are involved, in their tradition of being the great facilitators of anything and everything. This leads all the way to the top, the most elite and powerful of global society.

It is estimated that there are up to 30 million people living in slavery worldwide today. Up to 800,000 people are trafficked each year; 80% of them are female with 50% of the total being children. These are shocking figures, this depraved underworld must be exposed and destroyed.


“Pizzagate” is widely considered to be nothing more than an elaborate conspiracy theory designed to slander and smear Hillary Clinton and her cronies. Many claim this scandal has been officially debunked, it is still regularly reported as a “fake conspiracy”.  Those who still investigate it are deemed absurd and dangerous (to who?).

In December 2016, a man entered the “Comet Ping Pong” restaurant in Washington DC armed with a rifle. He was looking for evidence of child abuse and paedophilia after hearing all about Pizzagate.

The subsequent “Fake News” label slapped on the whole sordid affair after this incident seems to have done the trick. Pizzagate slowly disappeared off people’s radars as they became convinced it was nonsense.

The Beginnings

What were the origins of Pizzagate? Wikileaks released thousands of hacked emails that belonged to John Podesta, former president Bill Clinton’s White House chief of staff. In recent years, he was the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Many of the leaked Podesta emails seemed to include some form of strange code. Some of the more sinister messages referred to a ritual called “Spirit Cooking”.  This involves mixing blood, semen and human excrement to be “used” in rituals by a sex-magic priestess who has connections to Podesta and other high-level political insiders.

Other emails referred to a small pizza restaurant in Washington DC; “Comet Ping Pong”. The pizzeria was owned and run by James Alefantis, a known socialite with ties to Hillary’s election campaign and Tony Podesta, brother of John.

Alefantis and some of his staff had written many posts on various social media sites relating to paedophilia and other deviant sexual behaviour. One post simply said “#chickenlovers”, a reference to gay men who are attracted to young boys. Alefantis just happens to be openly gay.

The big picture

In 2016, the United Nations released a report that highlighted the fact that human trafficking takes place in almost every country in the world.

They discovered that there are at least 500 global trafficking routes used by those who deal in people’s lives. It also showed that there has been a huge rise in human trafficking in the last few years, much of this due to the volume of migrants leaving war-torn countries; many made war-torn following the actions of the CIA.

The figures for this group alone is approx. 244 million people, mainly from the middle-east and north Africa; they’re all potential candidates for trafficking and slavery.

People are trafficked predominantly for one of 3 reasons – Sex, slave labour or organ harvesting. Take ISIS for example, a CIA-made organisation; they’re known to have killed thousands of “prisoners” in order to harvest their organs for sale on the black market.

However, the largest “sector” in this industry is that of sex slavery. Many women and almost all child prostitutes in the world are literally sex slaves, with an “owner”. They are regularly moved around the country they’re in, or abroad, to avoid suspicion and capture by the authorities. They are held captive via a combination of fear and forced drug addiction; they have nowhere to run.

Many of these girls and children operate in America; they are used to keep the rich and powerful supplied with victims for their perversions.

One well-known example of a sex slave was a boy called Paul Bonacci. He not only survived to tell the tale but his story was believed, resulting in court victories against his slave masters.

In Bonacci’s case, he exposed how government agents ran a sex trafficking ring that supplied the elite, such as those that attend the infamous Bohemian Grove retreat; it was there that he was forced to sodomise another boy who had just been shot dead or be killed himself.

Over the years, former FBI agent Ted Gunderson and many other investigators have shone a light on the likes of the CIA’s MKUltra program. Under the umbrella of MKUltra, children were relentlessly tortured using rape and physical abuse until the desired result was achieved; the fracture of their minds.

The results of these techniques created multiple personalities and what is now classified by the medical profession as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The victim’s mind becomes fragmented, a psychological defence mechanism to protect their psyche from the horrors it has experienced. The goal of the CIA is to program a specific fragment of their personality in any way it desires, all in the name of scientific progress…

On top of all this, those same children must also endure being trafficked to sex parties. A recent and famous example of a “customer” of this trade is Jeffrey Epstein, an extremely degenerate billionaire who had his own private island which was nicknamed “Orgy Island” by the media when he was uncovered.

Epstein lists Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew among his friends plus many more celebrities, businessmen and politicians. Friends were flown to his island on “The Lolita Express”, a Boeing 727 that housed a bed area where guests would indulge in group sex with underage girls en route.

In 2008, after all this was revealed, Epstein was found guilty of ONE charge and ended up serving 13 months in prison. It’s clearly not what you know…

In recent years, an unidentified former Russian prostitute was found to be working for the US state department in Washington DC as a “business trainer and coach”; she had connections to a paedophile ring in Hollywood. Her job on the side? Provision of child sex slaves from the trafficking ring to the Washington elite.

The children were required for parties thrown by Washington-based political figures hosting foreign VIPs. The purpose of this, as well as satisfying these perverts, was for the deliberate entrapment of these foreign officials. They were covertly recorded sexually abusing and raping the children by the CIA who then used the video tapes as blackmail.

In this way, the CIA can easily manipulate both domestic and foreign perpetrators to their own agenda. The agenda is of course that of the Deep State; the CIA is it’s slave and does as it’s told.

We can’t lose sight of the fact that those of the Deep State itself consist of paedophiles and Satanists who have diabolical needs that are met by these “services” also.

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Note the satanic references in the underlined text with blood ritual, goat head, robes, and altar. This U.S. Customs Service criminal investigation report into the cult Finders demonstrates their satanic practices. The investigation was in 1987. When the CIA got involved, it became a CIA “internal matter.” Why is the CIA involved with satanism?see Finders Report below for the entire report


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