Wow…..Is There Any Media or Any Organization We Can Trust Not Kowtowing or Controlled by the ‘Jews’ or Zionists Calling Themselves ‘Jews’?

Fish Swim, Birds Fly–The Case of Henry Makow and the untimely death of Michael Collins Piper

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Ed note, MG–It is against my stronger (and I hope better) instincts to engage in this, given that in similar past encounters I have seen personally how counterproductive and what a waste of time, energy, and mental resources it all is, but due both to the correspondence I have received on this issue as well as the fact that there are important items associated with this that play a role in the ‘bigger picture’ for everyone (involved or not) I have decided to weigh in on it.

Several years ago, in a phone conversation I had with Henry Makow, he told me that recently he had found himself ‘in trouble’ with the Canadian authorities because of the material he posts on his website, but that an ‘arrangement’ had been made that resulted in him ‘dodging the bullet’.

To his great relief, he had miraculously escaped the same kind of treatment that others such as Arthur Topham et al regularly receive whole hog whenever they dare to speak out on certain ‘forbidden’ topics involving ‘them’, and we all know who we’re talking about here.

I did not think anything of it, other than sharing in Henry’s sense of relief, as I know how nasty ‘they’ can be whenever someone says something ‘they’ don’t like, and especially when ‘they’ are in bed with a government they control and whom ‘they’ can utilize in prosecuting (persecuting) those who dare to speak the truth about ‘their’ activities.

The reason I didn’t think anything of the ‘arrangement’ mentioned by Henry was because I had no doubts, mistrust, or misgivings about him. In the various extended conversations I had had with him previous to this, I perceived him to be a ‘former’ Jew, meaning someone who had been brought up in the ‘Jewish thing’ but who had made the ‘great leap’ into the freedom of Gentiledom and thus had disassociated and divorced himself from any and all attachments to his previous status as a ‘Jew’.

The other reason I had no doubts or mistrust about him is that I am not  (yet) and have never been a big believer in the kind of ‘genetic determinism’ that seems to predominate within certain circles these days. I am more a believer in human free will, which says that people can make the choice whether they want to live as human beings or as animals.

Therefore, when Henry exhibited to me all the admirable and honorable characteristics of having detoxified himself of his Judaism, I took him at his word and took the whole thing at face value.

What struck me was not just his opposition to Zionism (which, let’s be honest, has become something of a fad and a fashionable thing these days amongst ‘good Jews’ who either for reasons of public consumption or because they (might, maybe possibly, hopefully, who knows) feel some twinge of conscience over what their cousins in Israel and beyond have done to the innocent peoples in the Middle East) but as well his opposition to Judaism which he characterized as evil and satanic. We had exchanged emails in the past where he had praised my stance vis a vis Judaism being the sparkplug of Zionist violence and echoed my position that in any honest discussion or examination of current events, one cannot simply condemn ‘Zionism’ while leaving the dreaded ‘J’ word–Judaism–untouched.

It was also during these many-years-ago phone conversations that (if memory serves me right and my apologies if I have remembered something wrong) Henry told me he had lived in Israel for sometime and (again, if memory serves me right and my apologies if I have remembered something wrong) he said he had fought briefly as a member of the IDF in one of the wars.

I found this to be an even bigger reason to celebrate his ‘J-liberation’, given the fact that he had indeed ‘walked the walk’ rather than just ‘talked the talk’. In terms of being ‘Jewish’, you can’t get much more Jewish than making aliyah and taking part in one of Israel’s religiously-mandated bloodbaths.

Fast forward from that point to a few years later when I had the now-infamous war of words and ideas with the lunatic Jeff Rense over his posting Neo-Con friendly/anti-Islamic articles on his website and the manner in which he reacted when I told him that if he chose to continue doing this, I would no longer support him as a ‘truther’ and would let everyone within my modest circle of readers know that he was not a source to be trusted.

His response was to personally threaten me over the phone to have agents from both the FBI and DHS visit my home for a little ‘chat’, a plan about which I was originally made aware by David Duke in a previous phone call who was trying to ‘smooth things over’ between us.

I decided in the aftermath of Rense’s threats to make the particulars of this little discussion known, as I believe people who are on the path to finding the truth do indeed have a ‘consumers bill of rights’ and thus, based upon a ‘need to know basis’ do indeed need to know just what kind of product they are consuming.

Once the news of Rense’s threats became known and what were the inevitable and predictable results thereof, he became completely unhinged and unglued, behaving like some feral animal, snapping and snarling in all directions and in the desperate attempt at making everyone forget about what he had done in making these threats to me personally, attempted instead to change the focus of the discussion to how I must be either a secret Mossad or CIA agent who was out to get him killed. He commissioned various people whose ‘careers’ as ‘truthers’ he had helped prop up with his website to write hit pieces on me, dragging my wife and children into the discussion and, as I said, attempted to change the topic of discussion from how Jeff Rense threatened to send los federales to my home to instead how the Christ-figure Jeff Rense was being set up to be crucified and killed in an elaborate and convoluted Mossad/CIA plot to eliminate the most important gear in the ‘truth movement’ machinery.

To my great surprise, Henry Makow was one of those who rushed to Rense’s ‘defense’. Without consulting me to get ‘my side’ of the story, he cobbled together his own take on the event based solely on what Rense personally related to him, reinforcing the ‘Jeff Rense as persecuted Christ-figure’ narrative, adding his own bandages and salve to Rense’s bruised ego and to the self-inflicted wounds Rense himself brought upon his own damaged reputation.

Fast forward again a few years from that event to the manner in which Henry Makow then found himself in the very same cyclone of consternation and conflict with Mr. Hairdo himself, Jeff Rense. I don’t remember what the particulars of that conflict were, but suffice it to say that Rense engaged in the very same smear tactics against Henry that he had previously used against me who was very unconvincingly painted as the dangerous Mossad/CIA assassin out to eliminate the most important figure in the ‘anti-Zionist’ movement.

To my surprise, a short time after this took place, I got an email from Henry apologising for what he had written about me in the previous brouhaha and for rushing to Rense’s defense, saying (again, if memory serves me right) ‘I was misled’.

I accepted his apology (foolishly) and in good Gentile fashion, told him not to give it another thought. As an added measure, the piece  had written about Henry’s involvement I removed from the TUT website.

In the coming years Henry would send me pieces he had written asking if I would mind posting them, always prefacing them in the subject line of the accompanying email with ‘Mark, Here’s one for you and for TUT’.

Those that I felt ‘made muster’ in terms of the mission and direction in which I try to steer TUT were indeed published, and not without me receiving a measurable amount of grief from the readers, who insisted to me that Henry ‘was a Jew’ and a ‘disinfo agent’ out to cause trouble. In their estimation of him, since he peddled Holocaustianity and tried to downplay or confuse otherwise clear and concise Judaic intrigue with words such as ‘the Illuminati’ and ‘Luciferiansm’, etc, the red flags raised in their minds was that he was a pretender and not to be trusted.

In the midst of these accusations against Henry, I always defended him and reminded his detractors that not everyone can be as up to speed as everyone else, that it takes time for a mind that has only recently ‘come into the light’ to thaw out after decades of being frozen and incapacitated by the ice-cold protocols of Jewish thinking and that he deserved to be given some time in playing ‘catch up’ with the rest of the enlightened world.

Interestingly enough, Mike Piper was one of those who made this claim about him and despite my various attempts at defending Henry, Mike did not alter his views, including in subsequent discussions that took place in subsequent years where Henry’s name came up.

Fast forward again to just a few months ago, where Henry sent me the link to a piece he posted on his website where he had taken the ‘ed notes’ commentary from a piece I published on TUT dealing with the genocidal teachings contained within the Jewish Torah (Old Testament) and around which he had framed an independent article with his own thoughts and perspective. Had he not sent me the link to it I would never have known it was there as I do not visit his website unless and until he sends me something personally.

The usual firestorm erupted with many of Henry’s readers who reacted emotionally and irrationally to what had been written as they–in almost unanimous fashion–adopted the ‘company line’ vis a vis the Torah (Old Testament) as being the ‘word of God’ and thus how my view of it was blasphemous, heretical and everything in between.

One of those proffering this view was one Tony Blizzard.

I only knew/know of Blizzard based upon the dozen or so passing references which Mike Piper made about him over the 10 years he and I worked together closely. In Mike’s references to him, he always spoke affectionately and laughingly of him up until shortly before Mike’s passing, where he expressed his clear dismay and disappointment that Blizzard had become a full fledged ‘Sandy Hook Hoaxer’ and what a waste of an otherwise good mind it all was.

A few days after the posting on Henry’s site dealing with my take on the Old Testament and all the fire and fury that erupted thereof, I received an email from Henry telling me that he had to take the piece in question down because his ‘Jewish’ wife as he described her (his 3rd, if memory serves me correctly) ‘was very offended by it’. He also told me that she was his webmaster and did not like the various things I have said about Judaism and the Torah.

I told him it was fine, no problem, that it was his website to do with in whatever manner he saw fit, no explanations necessary, and apologized that what I had said had become an issue of contention between him and his ‘better’ half.

I bade him well, as I always do in any exchange with someone I view as a friend and colleague.

Fast forward yet again to Nov. 20, 2017, when I received an email from Henry with a link to his most recent piece entitled– ‘Foul play in the death of Michael Collins Piper?’

This was not the first time I had run into this ‘theory’ concerning Mike’s passing. Predictably and understandably, given who Mike was, what he had done for almost 4 decades of his life and the well-deserved prominence and respect he had received as a result thereof, from the beginning of his death various theories swirled ‘round about the circumstances and with all the usual trappings–Mossad. CIA. Suspicious. Assassination. Israel Killed him. Willis Carto killed him. AFP killed him.

Etc, etc, etc.

And were it not for the fact that I was intimately involved in the last years/months of Mike’s life, both as his friend and as his ‘landlord’ after he moved in with us after being fired from AFP, I am sure I would have had questions myself about the circumstances of his passing.

However, being as ‘close to the center’ as I was on these things, watching the slow-motion meltdown that took place between him and his long time employer Willis Carto, to his life-threatening health problems, I had a much better perspective on these events than the average ‘truther’ who as a general rule is more apt to surrender him/herself to whatever whims happen to be flitting and floating around upstairs at any given moment rather than the cold, hard facts.

I opened the link Henry sent to find a cobbled-together, rambling, mishmash montage, the only source of which was (I presume to be) an email or some other correspondence from the same aforementioned Tony Blizzard and his ‘suspicions’ about Mike’s passing, and all of them leading back to yours truly. My defense of Islam and my denial of the Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy (which Blizzard believes whole hog as a matter of irrefutable dogma) featured prominently, as well as Blizzard’s thesis that somehow I had ‘got control’ of Mike’s mind and had ‘turned him’ into a creature of my own making.

As in the previous case involving Henry’s hitpiece on me during the Jeff Rense debacle, not once did he contact me for any information involving Mike’s death, as any responsible investigative journalist would have.

This in and of itself is important, given that if someone wanted to find out more about what had actually transpired, I would be the person to go to. Mike lived the last 6 months of his life with us. We housed him, fed him, did his laundry, took him to his various appointments with doctors and lawyers (for his disability claims case) etc. We brought his firewood up to him everyday and loaded the wood stove for him. We emptied the litter box for his cat. The kids came over every day to cheer him up. I (as well as my wife at times, and particularly when I was in Iran) took him to do his grocery or even just out to lunch, either at Shari’s in CdA or the White House in Post Falls–his favorite restaurants here in North Idaho–just to get him ‘out of the house’ so that he wasn’t so miserable.

And yet, despite our very intimate, first person, up-close-and personal involvement in the events leading right up to Mike’s death, I was not contacted for this piece of ‘investgatory journalism’ on the part of Henry Makow.

Had Henry bothered to adhere to the rules of responsible investigative journalism rather than just relying upon some rambling, barely-coherent email from the aforementioned Tony Blizzard who stated plainly (and which Makow actually had the TEMERITY–one of Mike’s favorite words he used often and which I have now adopted) to reprint in his now-infamous ‘article’ that ‘His (Mike’s) death confirmed my suspicions although I have not one single fact to back them up’, then Henry would have learned some really interesting things that would have fleshed out much better whatever thesis he was pursuing concerning what happened to Mike, including the direct role that people of the Tony Blizzard template (The Sandy Hook Hoax crowd) played in getting Mike fired from AFP. He would have learned of the daily battle (s) that took place at AFP for over a year between Mike and the ‘hoaxer’ crowd there who wanted to go front page on every issue with the various catechitical positions of the cult religion known as Sandy Hook Hoaxerism that ‘no shooting took place’ and that ‘no one died’ as Mike tried in vain to warn against such irresponsible (and potentially legally actionable) ‘journalism’. Henry would have learned that in the midst of all of this, one of AFP’s largest benefactors (who had contributed money to AFP in the 5-figure range yearly for many years) explicitly told Willis Carto that if Mike remained there that no more money would be forthcoming.

Yes, that’s right, the Sandy Hook Hoax crowd (which included Blizzard) led to Mike losing his job and thus him being forced to relocate 3,000 miles away in the immediate aftermath of his quintuple bypass surgery, the complications of which–according to the conclusions of the medical examiner who oversaw Mike’s case–were the cause of his death.

So what we obviously have here is–at best–irresponsible and lazy ‘journalism’ on the part of Henry Makow, ‘Ph.D’.

At worst, what he is doing is to engage (again) in a deliberate form of attempted character assassination that, in this day and age and with all the nutcases running around out there, could result in very real, tangible events taking place where people can be harmed and where legal action can (and will) ensue.

After reading over this cobbled together mishmash, I sent the following email to Henry which–a full 2 days later–has elicited no response from him whatsoever–

‘Henry, I have defended you for years against those who claimed (and continue to claim) that you are a disinfo agent, including (as coincidental as it may sound in this context) Mike Piper himself, who was convinced you were placed conspicuously in our midst by ‘them’ for reasons of distraction and diversion. I still maintain this to be the case, that you are not some deliberate disinfo agent but rather have difficulty in discerning between fact and fiction when it comes to certain ‘hot button’ issues that are discussed within the ‘movement’.

This does not change the fact however that just because you don’t deliberately do damage that somehow you are detached and disassociated from causing problems, this latest business on your website dealing with Mike’s passing and the mad rantings of Tony Blizzard being a prime example.

For the record, here is a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the items listed in Tony Blizzard’s blizzard of nonsense–

Mike’s position on Sandy Hook, Boston, etc, were Mike’s. Anyone who knew Mike knew that he had an indomitable intellect and could not be convinced of anything which he himself did not believe to be true. As he liked to describe himself, he was a ‘stickler for details’ and had NO patience whatsoever for sloppy theorizing and speculation.

Blizzard and others who are bothered by this and seek some ‘conspiracy’ in understanding and explaining Mike’s take on SH, Boston, etc, do nothing more than make fools of themselves in doing so, because, after all, what they are expecting us all to believe is that Mike–clearly the brightest mind this ‘movement’ ever produced who singularly decoded and uncovered the whosits and whatsits of the JFK assassination (and other events) was somehow unable to ‘see’ what people such as Blizzard & co have convinced themselves was the case.

By the way, as a friend, Mike thought very highly of Tony Blizzard but thought his views on Sandy Hook et al were insane and was more than a little bothered that someone whose intellect he had always respected could have gotten so completely detached from reality as to become a full fledged ‘hoaxer’.

Next, how Blizzard would somehow associate Mike’s favorable ideas concerning Islam with me (a Christian and not a muslim, but who has gone to great lengths in explaining to people just how they are being lied to by Jewish interests concerning what Islam teaches) leaves me bewildered, in addition to what Blizzard asserts are the directives in the ‘Koran’ referring to Christians as ‘infidels’ who deserve to be killed.

He is delusional and if he can’t get this one right–what the Qu’ran actually says–when all it takes is a mere 5 minutes of reading then why anyone would give such an ‘investigator’ a place of honor on their website to peddle his latest ‘theories’ concerning Mike’s death would lead me to question their sanity as well.

Next, Mike did not ‘choose’ to come and live with us–he had no other choice other than to die on the streets of DC. He had an estranged relationship with his brother–the only ‘family’ he had, and the only other person (of which I am aware) who offered Mike a home was Nashid Abdul Khalliq who had rental properties in Texas and offered one to Mike rent free for life, which Mike did refuse on the basis that he needed help getting around and didn’t know anyone in Houston where these rental properties were. And while it is possible Mike was offered to come and live with Blizzard, he made no mention of it to me that I can recall.

Next, my ‘guest house’, as Blizzard referred to it (and just why he would put that in quotation marks as if it didn’t exist I can’t even begin to imagine. I guess it must be a ‘hoax’ as well) did not ‘burn down’, a little discrepancy that reveals just how detached from the facts Blizzard (and hence his theories and conclusions) are. The roof caught fire, burned along the entire length of the house, (roughly 34 feet and a good 4 feet down the rafters to the collar ties) and did substantial structural damage that necessitated Mike going to a hotel for safety reasons. The ‘railing on the porch’ as Blizzard put it was not ‘sabotaged’ and the proof of this is that there WASN’T ANY RAILING. A section of the porch did collapse under Mike’s weight as he stepped on it, hurting the shin of his right leg considerably, but 15 minutes later when I asked MIke if he wanted to go to the hospital he said no, that the pain was subsiding, which amazed me, given as much pain as he was constantly in and how much worse it had to have been after he scraped his legs. The reason the floor collapsed is that it was a new porch built with old wood right before Mike arrived, had 3 feet of snow sitting on it throughout the months of december, january, february, and march and afterwards was subjected to months of rain which weakened the wood and thus collapsed in one section when Mike stepped on it. I know Mike thought it was sabotaged, but the person to blame for this was me, the guy who used old wood in building it and who did not put a roof over it as I was in a rush to get the living quarters themselves in order for Mike before he arrived.

One part Blizzard did manage to get right was Mike being upbeat before he died. He had gotten himself into a new apartment in the old part of CdA that was considerably more comfortable than our (hoax) ‘guest’ house and indeed he was getting ready to start writing again. The topic he planned on ‘exposing’ dealt Willis and Elizabeth Carto and the dealings they had had with others over the years, how they had screwed various people over (just as they had Mike) and what he believed to be criminal activity on their part in hiding money from both the government and the readers/subscribers to AFP and TBR. Before Mike left DC and came out here, he wrote everything down and sent it to me (a 20+ page document) detailing what had been done to him by them and asked that I go public with it when/if he ever died.

I still have the papers but due to the fact that what they represented to me were just the bitter words of a man who had been stabbed in the back by the people to whom he had given 34 years of his life, I saw no point in opening yet another ugly chapter in all of this that would have caused even more heartache for everyone in the aftermath of his passing and thus just put the papers away, to say nothing of the manner that they would have made Mike appear when he was not in the position to defend himself.

Next I suppose that Blizzard will allege that there is something ‘fishy’ about me not releasing the papers, a charge to which–if indeed it were to come forth–my response would be that he can take a running jump straight into hell, something Mike used to say quite often.

Next–Blizzard’s assertion that there is an ‘exaggeration’ in my description of how bad-off Mike was physically. What absolute, unbridled idiocy on his part. Was Mike’s 98% blockage in his arteries a fabrication or exaggeration? How about his quintuple bypass surgery–an exaggeration as well? How about the fact that there were complications during Mike’s procedure where he almost died, or the various heart-related episodes he had here during his 6 month stay that required me personally taking him to the emergency room, on several occasions–Exaggerations? Fabrications? On this issue alone, Blizzard’s assertion that these are ‘exaggerations’ indicate that Mike’s original concerns that Blizzard had gone insane were/are well-founded.

As far as the meds Mike took ‘for pain’, I know he took Lyrica for a short while prior to coming out here but he told me it did him no good and he said he didn’t like the way it made him feel loopy and disconnected, so Blizzard’s theory concerning Mike being ‘delusional’ because of drugs is a non-starter as well.

Henry, you used to be one of the sharpest knives in the drawer and a gifted intellectual, so for the life of me, I can’t even begin to imagine why you would waste good web space on something like this other than it possibly causes your conspiracy funny bone to tingle and therefore you feel the need to ‘pass the bottle around’ to everyone else, making you in substance no different from the self-admitted lunatic Gordon Duff who proudly asserts that nearly half of the material he posts on VT is–in his own words– ‘deliberate disinformation.’

Goodbye Henry, have a good life


As I said, a full 2 days later and I/we are yet to receive a response from Henry Makow, ‘Ph.D’ explaining why he would engage in this type of deliberate, libelous, slanderous calumny by intimating that I/we had something to do with Mike’s passing and using as ‘evidence’ of his thesis some email from a for-the-most-part unknown entity going by the name of Tony Blizzard with a self-professed hatred for Muslims and a love affair with the Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy theory.

And therefore, here are my/our questions, all of which are reasonable, fair, and rational, given what we know about how things work these days when it comes to ‘them’–

1. When the Canadian Jewish Congress brought charges against Henry for racial incitement (or whatever the specific charge was) what was the ‘arrangement’ which was devised whereby he escaped the kind of punishment that is normally meted out to those who fall into ‘their’ clutches for having said things which ‘they’ don’t like? Did he agree to continue on with the ‘Illuminati/Luciferian/Holocaustianity’ schtick, a confusing and diversionary form of discussion (as Mike Piper described it) that appears to say certain things but in the end functions like a broken clock which is only right twice a day? Did he agree to share email correspondences taking place between him and the readers of his website with other ‘3rd parties’ on the ‘other side’ so that ‘they’ could get a bird’s eye view of just ‘who was who’ and ‘what was what’?

2. The issue involving (in his own words to me) his ‘Jewish’ wife and the fact that she took/takes great umbrage at any critical examination/discussion of Judaism–Is the recent business involving Henry Makow, ‘Ph.D’ and his engaging in a libel/slander campaign against me, intimating that I may have had a hand in the death of Mike Piper, using as ‘evidentiary proof’ of his ‘thesis’ Tony Blizzard’s blinding blizzard of bilious bullshit something done to appease his ‘better half,’ a case of ‘a happy wife is a happy life’?

Or–as much as I personally hate to even consider the possibility–is it just a simple case of a Jew behaving like a Jew and engaging in what ‘they’ do best, which is lying, slander, and character assassination?

Henry makes clear in a piece he wrote entitled ‘Why Do I Remain Jewish?’ something very important for everyone to consider, not just in terms of his ‘journalistic’ activities taking place in the here and now, but as well vis what he chooses to do in the days, weeks, months, or years to come, to wit–

‘Why Do I Remain Jewish? The short answer is I have no choice. You can’t jump out of your skin.’

And so, even though he describes himself as an ‘assimilated Jew’, what he is in effect saying is that he is a Jew first, which means that he is going to do what a Jew is expected to do for his people since his ‘Jewish skin’ is something from which he is neither able to separate himself nor out of which is he able to ‘jump’.

For me personally, it has been a serious wake-up call as to the nature of the ‘company’ I keep and why perhaps the entire ‘genetic determinism’ issue is something I perhaps need to revisit and reconsider. Maybe, as I often hear from people (and indeed as I DID hear from people for years who told me not to trust Henry Makow) ‘a Jew is a Jew and a leopard does not change its spots.’

What I do know for a fact however, based upon Makow’s own behavior, is that those who do identify as Jews can/will only go so far in their ‘J-liberation’ and that whatever pretenses they may make about being ‘cured’, that like a continually-recurring and incurable case of herpes, it is just a matter of time before a ‘break-out’ occurs again, because, as we all witness on a daily basis, both in watching world events as well as in our own dealings with ‘them’ personally, almost as much as if it were governed by the rules of gravity–fish swim, birds fly, and Jews lie.


Mark Glenn, Nov. 22, 2017

  1. #1 by James on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    Mg, sorry you have to endure this, but everything you needed to know about Makow was in plain sight after the biz with Rense. Fool me once…

    ed note–no argument there, and you’re right–everything I needed to know was there from the beginning. This is the Gentile’s folly in allowing their forgiving nature to bring about a case of deadly amnesia concerning the nature of a dangerous predator.

  2. #2 by Dirk on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    If Makow had tried defending his PhD thesis using the same methods as he did in framing his ridiculous article, they would have laughed him out of the room. What’s worse is the fact that no one calls him on this, underscoring yet again what a joke the 9/11 truth movement has become

  3. #3 by Gary on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    This is exactly why, no matter what any of my friends say,I refuse to befriend or trust,confide my thoughts,opinions,ect. any jew no matter how nice or “rehabilitated” they appear to others. By deception,thou shalt make war is not just the mossad’s motto,it’s every jews motto as far as I’m concerned.

  4. #4 by nooralhaqiqa on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    Mark, we know the truth. Thanks for filling in the blanks. A crime that you have to waste your time on this yidiocy when you have a life to live. I see a smear campaign in full bore. We may never know the deal Henry struck, but he is definitely playing by their playbook.

    Comment, me to Henry:
    “I am surprised you posted it, Henry. Common sense deserted you for some reason or another. At least I hope that is all there was. An out-of-the-blue hit piece on a well known and controversial person is hardly an original form of attack. Mark does not need this BS; no one does.

    When you hit the Publish button, did you really feel good deep inside the way it does when you post something truly magnificent and full of deep truths? I doubt it.”

    Response, Henry to me:
    “Mark wasn’t accused of anything. Anyone could have done Piper in. His death deserves a little scrutiny. We do not have to take Mark’s word for it. His acceptance of Sandy Hook official story is weird.”

    This response simply did not compute on any level.

  5. #5 by Mehrdad on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    bravo, mr. g and tut. many of us were wondering when you would see the light on makow. he said it himself–he is a joo and his thoughts and actions revel this to be the case more than what he wrote about you

  6. #6 by Fredrick Toben on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    Henry Makow is one individual with whom I never properly connected. Much like David Cole and John Kaminski, and a few others! All three refused to meet with me when I began my global Revisionist journey in 1997 and 1999, and during my subsequent tripping to the USA.
    Mark Glenn, on the other hand, and to this day has managed to make TUT an essential part of my daily reading. Why? It’s obvious!

  7. #7 by Justus fiat on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    Gary is correct. By way of deception is as much an individual credo for Jews as it is that of the zionist parasite in Palestine. Jews lie, the only difference is how clever they are in doing it. Makow is the type to light the fires of understanding on certain subjects by saying things crtical of Jews but then coming along an article or 2 later with a hose and putting that fire out with something cryptic and contradictory. My thoughts are that he cut a deal with the jewish govt in canada or that his Jewish wife is looking over his should and making sure he pays the piper, no disrespect intended towards MP, a great man whose memory is maligned by the bushy-eyebrowed and forked tongue makow.

  8. #8 by Judea Capta on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    wise words from the great man F. Toben, who never cut any deal with any zionist government as Makow seems to have done. Kaminski is a lunatic as well and Cole just plain scares me with his eyes.

  9. #9 by Lanza was real on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    MG I had no idea concerning the sandy hook aspect to MCP’s dismissal from AFP. If so, this opens up an entirely new and much more troubling chapter into just who was behind this clusterf*** that was masterminded by Jim Fetzer & co.

  10. #10 by Daniel B on 11/22/2017 – 9:34


    I always read and post your stuff, but I didn’t know who you were.
    I just read your article about Henry Makow. For sure, generally I like him, but, truth is truth.
    (When I saw his article about Michael Collins Piper, it seemed cuckoo to me, and I didn’t post it.)
    Good for you, for honestly telling the story.

  11. #11 by Jerry on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    indeed, how low have fallen the mighty. that Henry Makow after years of wonderful writing would stoop to something as undignified as this speaks volumes to this generation.

    glad i won’t live long enough to witness the grand finale.

  12. #12 by TUT Editor on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    Assuming that the correspondence taking place between ‘Nooralhaqiqa’ and Makow is accurate, (and I am not suggesting it isn’t, as I have every reason to believe it is given my longtime friendship with her), then here we have what appears to be the crux of the entire agenda here–Sandy Hook.

    Buzzard and Makow are both devoted ‘Hookers’, and if it is one thing I have learned in my extensive experience in dealing with the Hooker types it is that they HATE having people disagree with their position. They are totally emotional about this thing and completely inflexible to other theories or ideas concerning it that in any way bursts their little bubble and when that little bubble does get burst, they go off like a firecracker.

    So as I envision it, the two of them get together and start bitching about Sandy Hook and the fact that yours truly and Mike Piper don’t buy into the cult theology that these two (and many others) have wrapped it in, and then through the process of feeding into and off of each other, come up with just the right way to get even on the score, which is the libelous piece of shit article which the libelous piece of shit Makow posted on his libelous piece of shit website.

    No, he did not accuse me of having any kind of hand in Mike’s death, just arranged ideas and words in such a way so as to leave that impression hanging in the air on the reader, similar in many ways to the question ‘when did you stop beating your wife’?

    Re-read what Makow wrote to Noor–

    “Mark wasn’t accused of anything. Anyone could have done Piper in. His death deserves a little scrutiny. We do not have to take Mark’s word for it. His acceptance of Sandy Hook official story is weird.’

    And there you have it, SANDY HOOK.

    What does Sandy Hook have anything whatsoever to do with Mike dying in a budget Motel in Coeur D’Alene Idaho?


    Mystery solved.

  13. #13 by TUT Editor on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    Furthermore, which I forgot to add–since we know from Mike himself that it was the Sandy Hook issue that got him fired from AFP, we can then assume as well that Buzzard had to have known about this, making him–even if only indirectly–partly responsible for what happened to Mike.

    Rather than dealing with the guilt in a rational way, instead he conjures up this mental construction whereby Mike was being ‘controlled’ by me which then resulted in his being dismissed, and thus in the process, Buzzard does not have to deal so much with the guilt that he himself may have been dealing with in knowing that indeed it was the Sandy Hookers who got Mike fired.

  14. #14 by TUT editor on 11/22/2017 – 9:34

    Sandy Hook–an obsession

  15. #15 by TonyFromIN on 11/23/2017 – 9:34

    I must admit, I got started in this movement by listening to Alex JONEStown and other hosts on the Genesis network. (shortwave radio). Then I started a subscription to AFP, where I got the pleasure to met both Mark and Mike. But, i never fell to the darkside…..

    Now I know why MG always says “this quote, unquote, movement” . The real critical thinkers in this “movement” are a minority of a minority.

  16. #16 by Tom Cat on 11/23/2017 – 9:34

    Jeff Rense; the first time I saw his picture, I was creeped-out! That dude is disturbing. Despite some of his article being good, I never trusted him as far as I could spit. Obviously, he has a loose screw.

    Henry; Many good articles, but then articles that don’t connect. I never committed to him. I’ve read his articles, but always kept him at arm’s length. I was unaware of their stands on SH. As I’ve accused the Sandy Hook Loons many times, they are nothing but jew disinfo trolls. I would’ve ignored them. Everyone thinks they’re crazy. They failed to pollute the Truth Movement, despite their best efforts. Most Americans know 9-11 was a false flag by now. They know the 9-11 story doesn’t pass the sniff test.

    Sandy Hookers don’t even begin to have the infrastructure of evidence that A&E for 9-11 Truth have!

    Sandy Hookers should be horse-whipped to within an inch of their lives! There’s no doubt that if one of them (or more) got into my face, I’d kick their asses with mal intent!

    The thing that exposes them is that for them, SH holds more water than 9-11! Who in their right mind would make SH a priority over 9-11, even if it WAS true?? That shows they’re either insane or jew trolls who need to be thrown out of a helicopter at 1000’…..onto jagged rocks!

    You Sandy Hook scum need to watch your backs! You are enemies working for the jews! We will give you no quarter! How dare you try to distract from 9-11 and other first-tier priorities in the war against judaic supremacy!

  17. #17 by nooralhaqiqa on 11/23/2017 – 9:34

    Just for the record, that quote was directly cut and pasted from an email I received from Henry in response to my note to him. I was a tad more verbose but what is printed above is 95% of his short response to me.

  18. #18 by World Changer on 11/23/2017 – 9:34

    Jews are Jews are Jews.
    But you censor on TUT with comments on posts just like Jews do.
    You give a pass to Christians who have the Jew books smashed down on top of every New Testament on every church podium. Christians are really stupid.
    They worship a Jew bastard whose only contribution was putting forth tired moral platitudes. Then there is the Jew blood atonement for cash down in advance. Where you see the word “angels” in the Jesus story you need to insert the word extraterrestrials as in abduction of Mary and artificial insemination. At the end where Jesus was taken up into a cloud you need to say Jesus departed via space craft.
    You will never get rid of Judaism until you first get rid of Christianity which is its main host.
    Mohammed was a brutal murderer and could not read or write. But then Jesus never wrote a word. So easy for dishonest scribes of Constantine and Empress Theodora to changer things and insert Hell instead of reincarnation and karma.
    You seek an army to deal with Jews and their suck ups, the Christians?
    There is one.
    It is present in the skies above you. Right now!!!!
    “You can’t handle the truth.”
    Let’s see if you have the guts to answer this or will it be business as usual and the Jew show marches on.

    ed note–‘Guts’? Let me remind you of a few painful pieces of ugly yet honest truth which seem to have eluded your notice.

    You are nobody. You hide behind a fictitious identity and wander from website to website like a hobo without a place of his own and try to stink the place up with your ‘brilliant’ opinions. You don’t even have the integrity to come out into the open–as some of us do–and put your real name, real face, real identity on the line. You behave just like the Jews do, scurrying around like a sniveling little rodent, leaving your little rodent pellets everywhere you go thinking you are a ‘world changer’ but doing everything in such a way that it poses no threat to you personally.

    you are a coward. you have no guts. you have no integrity. you are nobody. no one cares what you think or what your opinions are. if you truly believed in the nonsense you spout, you would stand up like a man and say it loudly and proudly, but you don’t. you have to hope against hope that someone else will give you a platform on their website for you to leave your little rodent pellets, and when they don’t, you get your feelings hurt.

    boo, hoo, hoo…poor little misunderstood and unappreciated ‘world changer’.

    your hatred for the gospels and for islam are identitcal to those ‘affections’ owned by the Jews.

    I had you pegged a long time ago as one and I am betting this is the case today.

    scurry along now, the day is early and there are LOTS of websites yet for you to visit.

  19. #19 by Stas on 11/23/2017 – 9:34

    Just to validate what MG wrote here concerning MCP being terminated from AFP because of the Sandy Hook issue, an email from him dated Sep 25, 2014 at 7:20 PM

    ‘Just to let you know that AFP has again terminated me, and this time there’s no turning back. I was held responsible for saying bad things about Mrs. Carto and about some of the Sandy Hookers.

    Probably just as well.

    I started working on filing for disability, etc here in DC. They have an expedited process, separate from the federal version (which I just found out about) and have already filled out the application. Now putting the paperwork together.

    Don’t know what lies ahead, but the support of good people like you has always been much, much, much appreciated.

    my career in writing is pretty much over, I think, and now I need to just focus on survival.



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