Will ‘Jewish Rothschild’ Mafia Make an Offer President Trump Cannot Refuse?

Jewish New York Rep. Jerrod Nadler to Become Top Democrat on Powerful Judiciary Committee

by TUT editor

John Conyers, a Democrat from Michigan, is retiring after sexual harassment allegations

ed note–It would appear that Conyers was sacrificed by Judea, Inc  in order to bring Nadler up as the ranking Democrat to head the very same committee that pushes the ‘go’ button on any planned impeachment of Trump. Whether this was due to any ‘2nd thoughts’ Conyers may have had about being the sparkplug on impeachment proceedings against the President (after all, Trump’s people could have put the squeeze on Conyers by threatening to drag what they know about his sexual conduct into the now-swirling scandal known as ‘Hurricane Harvey’) or whether Judea, Inc just wanted to make sure that it was known for the record that one of ‘their’ button men was the one who got the ball rolling is at this point speculative.

Either way, Nadler–a ‘made man’ in La Kosher Nostra–rising as capo of the Jew-diciary Committee was the first to begin the preliminary legal measures necessary for any impeachment of Trump a mere month after he took office.

Furthermore, all should understand that what Nadler said upon ascending to this position that ‘I will do everything in my power to continue to press on holding the Trump Administration accountable’ is every bit as much gangsterese in nature as the infamous line from the Godfather vis a vis ‘making an offer that can’t be refused’.

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