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The entrance to London Victoria station. A teenage girl, a victim of modern slavery, would board a train here every Friday to travel to Eastbourne to distribute crack and heroin. Credit Andrew Testa for The New York Times

 N Y Times: Slavery Ensnares Thousands in U.K. Here’s One Teenage Girl’s Story.



Sugar and I, er “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times were really surprised to spot this headline in Sulzbergers’ Slimes: “Slavery Ensnares Thousands in U.K.” That’s because news of the Turd World slave-masters of British low society is generally ignored by the Judenpresse of America. After all, we don’t want to give cherished “diversity”  a bad name now, do we? This article actually does a good job in describing a growing horror story that is spreading across British cities.

From the article:

“Dressed in her sports uniform and carrying a shoulder bag covered in badges of pop icons, she tried to give the impression that she was on her way to school. But this teenager was already three hours into her workday.

Armed with a knife and carrying a large supply of Class A drugs, the 14-year-old girl had been instructed to travel to Eastbourne to sell crack and heroin.

“If she failed to meet steadily increasing demands set by her boss at the time, a 48-year-old gang leader who lured her through a social media app, she was either beaten or sexually assaulted.

A report by a British government commission on modern slavery and human trafficking, released last month, described a sprawling practice that ensnares tens of thousands of people in Britain.”



 The British tabloids have not shied away from exposing the racial element of this problem, But the “respectable” broadsheets usually refuse to mention the race of the human traffickers.


So, if this sad story is accurate, what is there for the ANYT to “rebut?” Well, you see boys and girls, upon advancing deeper and deeper into this informative article, we noticed that the opening paragraphs made no mention of the Pakistani ethnicity of the sex and drug slave-masters. Oh well, maybe they buried the “controversial” part in the middle of the story, right? Not exactly. The ending? Nope. — Paragraph after paragraph after paragraph, and the word, “Pakistani” was not to be found among even once among the 1,454 total words. Not even vague terms such as “foreign” or “immigrant” were used to describe the brutal Turd World human traffickers who now lord over London and other major cities. Amazing — a total blackout!

The uninformed reader is just left to assume the traffickers are Englishmen, much like the culprits of so many horrific racial crimes in America are simply described as “teens.” Oh those naughty, naughty raping, robbing, home-invading, murdering “teens!” The reason for this monstrous “lie of omission,” of course, is to keep the targeted White Man ignorant of the Jewish-led Black-Brown-Yellow race war that is being waged against White Europa and her global offspring (USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand). Can you imagine the uproar if the slavers were White and the girls non-White?



England’s soccer fanatics and tough hooligans will fist-fight over a ball game, but remain disinterested over what the organized human scum of the Turd World is doing to their women, in their own country.


With our eyes always on “the big picture” of history, we must “never forget” that the British have Mr. Churchill and his Jewish masters to thank for this blood-boiling obscenity of Pakistani abuse of young and fair British girls. The social cesspool that is modern England is the direct long-term consequence of it having being on “the winning side” of World War II — that history-altering disaster whose aftermath left the UK and all of Western Europe on its knees and ripe for total political conquest by Jewish Supremacist Globalism / Marxism and ultimately, White genocide. That’s the truth, and the seditious scribblers at Sulzberger’s Slimes know it — which is why, whenever there is a non-White on White crime, they always see “fit” to not print the race of the perpetrators.




1937: The Great One welcomes former British King Edward (Image 2) and wife, and, also in 1937, former British Prime Minister Lloyd George.


“At no time and in no place have I ever acted contrary to British interests … I believe even today that there can only be real peace in Europe and throughout the world if Germany and England come to an understanding.” – October,1939


“In this hour I feel it to be my duty before my own conscience to appeal once more to reason and common sense, in Great Britain as much as elsewhere. … I can see no reason why this war must go on.” – July, 1940


“Time and time again I have offered friendship, and if necessary closest cooperation, to England. But love cannot be offered from one side only. It must be met with reciprocation by the other side…. Germany is not pursuing any interests in the West.”  – September, 1939


“All of my peace overtures have been rejected and war was declared on us…. The German people has no hatred, no inimical feeling toward the English or French people.” – May, 1940


“(Roosevelt) is resolved to take over, as safely and securely as possible, the British Empire in the moment of its downfall. Since England is no longer in the position to pay cash for all the American deliveries.” – December, 1941


 Boobus Americanus 1: I read a shocking article in the New York Times today about the drug and sex traficking rings of England. The enslaved victims are all young girls — thousands of them, some of them brutally raped.

Boobus Americanus 2: Wow! I didn’t know that British organized crime even existed like that.




Sugar: “Britissh” my asss!!! They’re Turd World invaderss brought in by that frickin’ Rothsschild and hiss gang!


Editor: That’s “Lord” Rothschild” (barf — above, being decorated by Prince Charles)


Email address:



N Y Times: Trump Pauses Address to Nation to Take 2 Big Swigs of Water



Recall that bizarre episode a few days ago when President Trump awkwardly interrupted a nationally televised speech (twice!) to drink from a botttle of Fiji Water with two hands? If you haven’t seen the video of it (below), you simply must. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Was that not one of the strangest things you’ve ever seen Trump do? This very un-presidential bottle-chugging was especially odd coming from a man who cuts pizza slices with a knife & fork (here) and who mercilessly mocked Senator Marco Rubio for being caught sneaking a drink from a water bottle just seconds before a live TV speech. And boy-oh-boy did the Piranha Press, libtard cyberspace and the late-night commie comics have a field day with “Fiji Watergate.”


“Fiji Watergate” generated enormous publicity and mockery. But will Trump have the last laugh?


From the moment that the news of this embarrassing event broke, Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times knew that this was no breach of etiquette on Trump’s part. No way. He put on this act for a reason, and he drank from a bottle of Fiji Water for a reason, and he made sure that the Piranha Press knew it was Fiji for a reason. As we have come to learn time and time again, there is always a method to Trump’s madness. But we just couldn’t figure out the meaning of this particular stunt. That is, until Sugar sensed that it might have something to do with Fiji Water itself.

Google time: Fiji Water / Wikipedia

“Stewart and Lynda Resnick’s Roll Global (since renamed to The Wonderful Company) acquired Fiji Water in 2004 for a reported US$50 million.”

There it is! — (we think). You see, boys and girls, the Resnicks (cough cough) are not only worth nearly 4 billion dollars, but they have been generous donors to the Demoncrap candidates nationwide and, of course, the Killary Rotten Clinscum “Victory Fund” in 2016. (here and here). The California-based Resnicks have been referred to as “Oligarch Farmers.” They are among the biggest backers of the Globalist Aspen Institute and are totally plugged into the high society of degenerate Hollyweird. Author Michael Gross, in his book, “Unreal Estate” reveals that even in Beverly Hills, full of new money and ostentatious displays of wealth, the Resnicks stand out as being, “exaggerated, extravagant, crude, ridiculous, a bit indecent.”



Politically active Globalist billionaires with an extravagant lifestyle, a love of Killary, and a hatred for Trump.


Could it be that “The Donald” was sending a “Sicilian Message” to the Resnicks? As if to say, “Hello Resnicks. Your girl Hillary is going down.” Or, perhaps the Resnicks themselves, suspected of some shady business dealings in California themselves (here), are now in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s cross-hairs? Time will tell. Yet with each passing day, it’s beginning to look more and more like something big is about to go down with Killary and lots of her friends.

Stay tuned.



We’ll drink to that!



Possibly related?


CNN: (October 10, 2016):  “Trump threatens to jail Clinton if he wins election.” (here)

CNN: (October 23, 2017):  “Trump warns McCain: ‘Be careful because at some point I fight back.” (here)



Why did Trump’s arch-enemies Killary and McCain the Insane — those two notorious criminals and supporters of “ISIS” — both start wearing ankle boots on their left leg just days apart? Are they really injured? Or are they concealing GPS ankle-monitors that were fastened to them so as to prevent them from fleeing the wrath of Trump?


 Boobus Americanus 1: Stephen Colbert did a hilarious piece on The Late Show making fun of Trump for drinking  from a Fiji Water bottle with two hands — during a live televised speech!

Boobus Americanus 2: Trump really looked foolish doing that. I think the whole world took notice and laughed.




Sugar: We’ll ssee who laughss lasst, Boobusss!


Editor: Indeed.



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N Y Times: Seeing U.S. in Retreat Under Trump, Japan and China Move to Mend Ties



As we approach the one-year mark of the presidency of the man we refer to as “Orange Man” when he disappoints us; Donald Trumpstein; when he appears to kiss Satanyahoo’s butt; and just plain Trump when he does something right; we must give him credit for the most important goal that he has achieved, namely, the apparent defusing of the World War III time-bomb scenario which Soros-Obongo-Killary-McCain were driving us towards. Killing the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, chipping away at ObongoCare, cutting regulations, pulling us out of the Paris Climate Scam and resisting gun control schemes in the face of continued crisis actor “mass shootings” orchestrated by the “Deep State” should all be applauded as well. Had that hideous hag been elected, the communist world government express, with its inevitable clash with Russia & China, would have been rolling at full speed ahead.

Remember this?


“I do not believe that Russia and China are paying any price at all – nothing at all – for standing up on behalf of the [Syrian] Assad regime. The only way that will change is if every nation represented here directly and urgently makes it clear that Russia and China will pay a price.”


Secretary Hillary Clinton / July 2012


To achieve world peace, Trump had to neutralize the warmongers by talking as if he were a neo-con warmonger while quietly working for peace on the “down low.” The subtle and not-so-subtle threats of war against Syria, Iran and North Korea were all just theater. Trump pleased McCain and Sulzberger’s Slimes by threatening President Assad and, while having dinner in Florida with President Xi Jinping of China, bombing an empty field in Syria (here); but then, just 10 weeks later, he cut off the CIA’s weapons transfers to “the moderate rebels” in Syria. (here) Assad wins!



Talking and “tweeting” like a warmongering neo-con psychopath, as he quietly builds a lasting world peace. Trump has been playing 3-D Chess with the War Party after all. 


Trump pleased Satanyahoo by railing against “the Iran deal” and threatening to undo it, all the while knowing full well that the multi-nation deal cannot be undone unilaterally. Trump shocked the world (including us!) by threatening to destroy North Korea with “fire and fury” and childishly referring to its leader as “rocket man,” all the while working with North Korea’s ally, Xi Jinping of China, to keep the peace in the region.

Thanks to the triumvirate of Trump, Putin and Xi, we are convinced that there will be no regional war in the Middle East nor on the Korean peninsula. And it was these very regional hot-spots from which the insane Globalists (and the almost as insane Zionists) had hoped to set off a larger confrontation with Russia and China. This is all being neutralized now. Have “youse guys”(New Jerseyese for the plural of you) noticed how all of the inflammatory talk about China’s “theft” of islands in the South China Sea has stopped, along with the provocative US Naval maneuvers?

A welcome byproduct of this new order is that certain Asian states (Japan,Vietnam and the Philippines) which were being armed and set up as NWO/US proxies against China (aka “Asian Pivot (here)), are now free of pressure from the US bully-master. As a result, they are all improving their relations with China. Good for them, and good for the world. This is precisely why Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte recently sang Trump’s praises– literally! And this is also why Trump was given the royal treatment — that had been deliberately denied to Obongo — when he recently arrived in China.



1. Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines — who once referred to Obongo as “son of a whore,” sang a tribute to Trump!  2 & 3: In 2016, the Chinese showed Obongo exactly what they thought about his “Asian Pivot.” Obongo was forced to exit from the rear of Air Force One and denied a red carpet. In 2017, Trump was greeted with red carpets, fanfare and bands everywhere.


China and Japan appreciate the end of Obongo’s dangerous “Asian Pivot”

1 & 2. The honored reception given to Trump by the Chinese was unprecedented for its pomp and personal warmth. This was mostly buried by the Piranha Press. 3. The Japanese were just as warm towards Trump.



This budding era of peace and cooperation should be cause for worldwide celebration, or at least a worldwide sigh-of-relief. And yet, due to the blackout of reality by Sulzberger’s Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press, not 1 in 100 Americans or Europeans understand the significance of what has happened over the course of the past nine months. Instead, we are treated to this illogical garbage about Trump’s “retreat” from Asia as being the reason for China and Japan’s improvement in relations.

From the article:

“This past weekend, they (Abe & Xi) met again on the sidelines of a regional summit meeting in Vietnam. … It was a sign, the Japanese news media suggested, of a potentially momentous shift in the region, with two longtime adversaries drawing closer as the United States under President Trump has created unease among allies about the role the United States will take in the region.

In gesturing toward a new friendliness, Japan is motivated in part by the recognition that as the United States retreats, it needs stronger trade with China. Having watched Mr. Trump heap praise on Mr. Xi in Beijing last week, Japan is also propelled by fear that the United States may develop a closer rapport with China that would exclude Japan.

At the same time, Mr. Trump’s visit showed China that the United States is unlikely to get in its way, allowing a more confident Mr. Xi to be more generous toward Japan.

“What Trump represented was a real shock to the system of allies and the world,” said Nick Bisley, professor of international relations at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

Mr. Abe appears keenly aware of Mr. Trump’s erratic swings in opinions and loyalties. Japan is naturally wondering if the United States may make some kind of deal with China that could put Japan at a disadvantage, experts said.”

You see, instead of praising Trump for pacifying the region, the Slimes and its cherry-picked academic “expert” would have us believe that a fearful Japan is being forced to kowtow to China because of Trump’s “erratic swings in loyalties.” My dear pointy-headed professor: could it possibly be that maybe, just maybe, Japan’s heart was never really all that into the idea of being used as cannon fodder for World War III?  And now that the US, with its “Asian Pivot,” is no longer breathing down Prime Minister Abe’s back to prepare for war, war, war, Abe is free to be his own man again? What do think of that theory, professor?

Regular readers of The Anti-New York Times know how “erratic” Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board has been over the past year of evaluating President Trump / Orange Man / Trumpstein. We expect that this up & down trend to continue. However, regarding this all-important matter of averting World War III and maintaining world peace — no complaints here! To the contrary, we nominate Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi for the Nobel Peace Prize.



Globalist professor Nick Bisley blames Trump’s “retreat” for scaring the Japanese into improving relations with big bad China. Even though that is not the motive, wouldn’t that still be a good thing, professor?


 Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that unease over Trump’s retreat from Asia is causing Japan and China to improve relations.

Boobus Americanus 2: (scratching head) But isn’t that a good thing?

Boobus Americanus 1: That’s what I was thinking too.




Sugar: The argument made in today’ss Slimess’ article was sso frickin’ retarded that even the Boobusses could ssee through it.


Editor: The Globalists do seem to be getting desperate.



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NY Times: For Russians, 75 Years Later, Stalingrad is a Battle to Remember



Before we shed some much-needed light upon the myth of the epic Battle of StalingradSugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times, would like to expose the fraudulent photo-journalistic record of the author, Sergey Ponomarev. Mr. Ponomarev is a “Pulitzer-Prize-winning” Russian photographer and frequent contributer to Sulzberger’s Slimes. In other words — a Globalist traitor to his country.

In recent years, Ponomarev has become famous for many of the “heart-breaking” FAKE images of drowning or struggling “migrants”  which have so effectively neutralized European opposition to the Turd World invasion of their lands. The staged cheesiness of these photos, all of them prominently feautured in Sulzberger’s Slimes and duly republished in the worldwide Piranha Press, ought to jump right out at you:



Ponomarev (posing in first image in front of one his most famous fake drama shots of drowning “migrants”) serves the Globalist purpose of keeping the sympathy for the mass invasion going.



1. More Ponomarev fakery: two “crisis actors” in Gaza covered in what is clearly fake blood, with one shedding fake tears. (Part of the Globalist factional rivalry / propaganda war against Bibi Satanyahoo)  2 & 3:  More staged images of poor desperate migrants, which Ponomarev always seem to conveniently catch just at the right time.


Now the Ponomarev photos featured in our rebuttal piece about Stalingrad(today, Volgograd) are not staged. However, the written text accompanying the images (also authored by Ponomarev) does leave the reader with that false interpretation of history that still holds mythological power over the Russian people. Let’s clean up  this fraudulent photographer’s Fake History lesson.

Ponomarev’s incomplete version:

“Like every Russian schoolchild, I grew up learning about Hitler’s murderous advance into Russia during World War II, and how it was halted at the Battle of Stalingrad — a critical turning point in the war.

The fight raged for 200 days, and the city was reduced to ruins. Civilians who couldn’t evacuate starved, some eating rats and clay.”


The untold context of “Hitler’s murderous advance into Russia” —

Some Background Information:

With the world preoccupied by the war in Europe:

  • Stalin violated the Soviet-Polish Non-Aggression Pact by invading Poland in 1939
  • Stalin violated the Soviet-Finnish Non-Aggression Pact by invading Finland in 1939
  • Stalin violated a provision of the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact (Ribbentrop-Molotov) by invading Lithuania in 1940
  • Stalin grabbed a piece of eastern Romania in 1940

Hitler believed that Stalin, in secret collaboration with the British, was planning to totally break the Soviet-German Non Aggression Pact by launching a massive surprise attack upon anti-Communist Germany.

The Great One (that’s Hitler for you newbies and normies) speaks:

December 11, 1941:

“Already in 1940 it became increasingly clear from month to month that the plans of the men in the Kremlin were aimed at the domination, and thus the destruction, of all of Europe. I have already told the nation of the build-up of Soviet military power in the East during a period when Germany had only a few divisions in the provinces bordering Soviet Russia. Only a blind person could fail to see that a military build-up of world-historical dimensions was being carried out. And this was not in order to protect something that was being threatened, but rather to attack that which seemed incapable of defense … I may say this today: If the wave of more than 20,000 tanks, hundreds of divisions, tens of thousands of artillery pieces, along with more than 10,000 airplanes, had not been kept from being set into motion against the Reich, Europe would have been lost.


Millions of Soviet troops were quickly taken prisoner because they were packed along the front line, in OFFENSIVE positions. The Germans then advanced easily across undefended territory. There was so little defense behind the front lines because Stalin was planning an invasion of eastern Europe, NOT a defense of Russia. After the war, the prisoners shown above would be condemned to death in Stalin’s gulags.  Stalin declared: “There are no prisoners of war, just traitors.”


Now, about those starving citizens of Stalingrad who were reduced to “eating rats and clay” — who’s fault was that? As even Ponomarev does point outwith this inadvertent truth-gem:

“… the defending army had no choice but to fend off the attack or die standing, following Stalin’s order: “Not one step back.”

The Soviet forces embedded within Stalingrad could have retreated, but Stalin had forbidden it under penalty of immediate death by NKVD “rear guard” machine-gun units. So, what were the Germans and their supporting allies (Hungary, Italy, Romania, Croatia) supposed to do? Simply retreat from Stalingrad and allow entire well-equipped Soviet armies to just escape, so that they can counterattack and kill the Germans another day? That was not an option!

Because Stalin had ample warning of the German advance, the Soviets were able to ship grain, cattle, and railway cars out of town and out of harm’s way. But most civilian residents were not evacuated. What Soviet propagandists dubbed “the harvest victory” left the city short of food even before the German attack began. But if the people were hungry, then what were hundreds-of-thousands of Soviet troops eating for the energy that enabled them to fight so long and hard at Stalingrad? Answer: The Red Army was fed at the expense of the starving populace!

The suffering of the people of Stalingrad is 100% on the monster Stalin. He instigated the war to begin with; he failed to evacuate the population of the city that he had named after himself; he failed to provide adequate food and supplies for the people; and his “not one step back” dictate kept the battle raging for about six long months. That’s the truth, but most Russians today, in spite of being now targeted by the very same forces which destroyed Germany, remain clueless mind slaves to the moronic mythology.




1. A panorama mural, “The Defeat of the Fascist Armies at Stalingrad,” at a memorial complex. 2. Russian ceremony commemorates the epic Battle of Stalingrad — a world tragedy that turned the tide of the war.


 Boobus Americanus 1: There was a fascinating piece of photo-journalism in the New York Times today about the Battle of Stalingrad.

Boobus Americanus 2: Russians suffered horribly due to Hitler’s murderous advances.




Sugar: Great One — Pleasse sschool these two asss clownss for me? I’ve just about had it with them.


Great One: “It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests.” (April 29, 1945)

Editor: Wow! That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that nasty cat say “please” to anyone!



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