American Fake Media is ZIONIST PROPAGANDA. Period.

Russian TV covers Thierry Meyssan’s latest book, Western media ignores him like the plague

by TUT editor


VOLTAIRE NET – “Trump is the only public person in the US who said that September 11 is a fraud. Although he is not a professional politician, he understands very well how the US works. He knows what to do to set the system back. He is not an imperialist, he is a Republican, who promised to stop imperialist foreign policy. He is for stopping the activities of international terrorists, for stopping fueling terrorism around the world.

In Iraq, Barzani organized a referendum on the separation of the entire territory he had conquered, called Kurdistan. He is now alone, he was forced to resign, and the same thing happened in Catalonia, where Puichemon declared independence and immediately was isolated. And when he decided to seek help from Brussels, NATO- but he was refused. So they keep on yelling that Trump is a weak president with almost all his administration set against him, but it will pass. Everything does. And everything changes”, says Meyssan. CONTINUE READING

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