Muslim Brotherhood Under European Union Protection…WHAT????

Egypt has enemies: The Muslim Brotherhood and the biggest terrorist atrocity in Egyptian history

by TUT editor


ED-NOTE – We have discussed a few months ago the Judaic Foundations of The Muslim Brotherhood, shown the links between the Muslim Brotherhood and Free Masonry and briefly explained what had always been their statement mission, namely ‘to cut off the head of Islam using the sword of Islam’.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which is nothing but the customized, oriental version of the Western Free Masonry, has been a tool of  British Intelligence Services from the start, working directly for them and reporting to them and them only.

The Muslim Brotherhood are allowed to hold annual congresses, organize annual fairs and workshops, where they sell their anti-Islam propaganda in all of European capitals and that is precisely why they are protected by all Western regimes. Their European headquarters is in Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle, Germany and, like all synagogues in the West, they are under State protection.  CONTINUE READING

My Comment:  But then the European Union is a ZIONIST OCCUPIED UNION so What Else Should We Expect???

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