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10 highly intelligent questions to ask your relatives at Thanksgiving dinner (or not)
Mike Adams Don’t take this post too seriously, as it’s offered in jest, but here are 10 highly intelligent questions to ask your relatives this Thanksgiving.

You’ll win all sorts of new friends and tons of praise — trust me — by asking them these amazing questions. Or, perhaps, you may never be invited back again…

Read the full list here, and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Human efforts to reverse climate change could destroy the planet in catastrophic backfire, scientists warnBy Isabelle Z. | Read the full story
The medical police state is out of control: Home gardening, health coaching and child protection all criminalized in the name of “public safety”By Jayson Veley | Read the full story
Sponsor: Polish doctor discovers a natural way to end cancer, FDA shoots it down and tries to revoke his license.
Taking a plane ride this Thanksgiving? Avoid these 11 things to make your trip much more healthy and enjoyableBy JD Heyes | Read the full story
Eat oranges, protect your bones: New study shows vitamin C cuts risk of hip fracturesBy Michelle Simmons | Read the full story
Sponsor: Antient Mayan medicine for diabetes – Successfully takes care of diabetic problems.
FDA, DEA running massive conspiracy to criminalize Kratom in order to protect Big Pharma’s obscene opioid profitsBy JD Heyes | Read the full story
Sponsor: Reap the benefits of two nutritional powerhouses with this Pure Microalgae Superfood Blend
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Have you ever questioned why todays children are receiving over 75 doses of vaccine, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)? The CDC, owning several vaccine patents, is the …

Frankinsects- Scientists have “edited” a yellow, wingless mosquito with three eyes as a pest control strategy
Could mosquitoes be the next insect to fall prey to modern science? Researchers from the University of California at Riverside have just unveiled a “gene-edited” mosquito; they say …

Technology is scaring scientists- They’re calling for a ban on “killer robots” now that “progress” has given us mini-drones that can carry explosives undetected
An international conference in Geneva, Switzerland, this week will consider whether to ban so-called killer robots powered by artificial intelligence. Representatives from anadvocacy group known …

Same liberals incensed about trophy hunting elephants are thrilled about murdering third-term babies in the womb
In recent days, President Donald J. Trumps administration stirred controversy — again — when the White House decided to lift the U.S. ban on the importation of big game carcasses like elephants …

Chelation therapy for heavy metal toxicity, the pros and cons
With the staggering 80,000 synthetic chemicals lurking in the environment – and over 700 contaminants present at detectable levels in the body of the average American …

How about a nutrition burger? Microalgae could be the next sustainable health food, according to new study
As the western regimen continues to demand vast amounts of land and water for production, a team of researchers at the Tufts University in Boston and the University College London has looked at the …

No time for “fowl” play- 5 Strategies to protect your chickens from avian flu
The most severe outbreak of theavian influenza — commonly known as bird flu — in the U.S. happened in 2015. The occurrence triggered a wave of alarm for both consumers and poultry farmers. Since …

Public safety- The new disguise for evil in today’s society
Oftentimes when government officials insist that a certain freedom needs to be eliminated or a new law enacted in order to advance the cause of “public safety,” it’s merely a …

Autoimmune disease and gut health- New study shows how your microbiome regulates inflammation
When you first hear the word “bacteria,” your reaction might be one of disgust. The word brings to mind sickness and gross images of bacteria, but we can also benefit from bacteria — in the gut …

Cancer deaths are making a comeback thanks to obesity epidemic, according to new report by the CDC
Areport published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has showed that U.S. cancer rates have, once again, shown a significant increase in recent years after a steady …

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