First Haredi Town In America

The First Haredi Town In America

by TUT editor

Orthodox Jews of the Satmar Hasidim in the village of Kiryas Joel, New York

ED-NOTE – In 1948, Israel was born and the Cold War started soon after. For decades, we had been brainwashed to fear to ‘Soviet invasion, the Russian subversion, and for decades we all had our attention diverted towards to ‘Red Menace’. And while we were looking towards the USSR, the Jews were really invading, subverting and asphyxiating all Western nations. 

We are witnessing the exact same methodology with the ‘Islamic invasion, subversion, menace’. While we are all busy looking for anything that would prove the Jewish narrative that suits our subconscious so much, namely that the Muslims are indeed invading our countries, the Jews are busy creating Jews-only towns, Jewish police (in the UK), Jewish Olympics which they insist on holding in Gentile countries, Jewish Nobel Prizes,  they managed to incorporate judaic laws in our laws, etc. etc. etc. And as always, not one WN/CI stray dog will dare to even blink.

Islam is the real litmus test for all Truth and Justice Warriors: anyone who sees Islam as a threat, whether equal or greater than Judaism, has not only failed the test but has also becomes part of the problem, if not part of the enemy itself. Will  Anglin the worm, Richard Spencer or Dr. Duke man up and show their love for their country and heritage and organize a rally to protest against the real destruction of the American identity?

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