America’s Belief in Its ‘Exceptionalism’ Cunningly Exploited by the “Jews” or ahem Zionists Who Call Themselves Jews But ARE the Synagogue of SATAN!

Surprising Biblical Origins of Thanksgiving: Puritan Founders Saw Themselves as ‘New Hebrews’

by TUT editor

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ED-NOTE – A TUT reader recently asked: “I don’t get your animosity towards Luther. He was taken in by the Jews until he learned the truth about them from their own religious books and ever after he was steadfastly fighting against them.”

The Saxon Martin Luther kicked off the Reformation in 1517. The Jews And Their Lies was published in 1543 and he died in 1546.

Between 1517 and 1543, Luther spent his entire life fighting one thing and one thing only: Christianity, not the Vatican, and definitely not the Jews, but the Christian faith itself and the man he was fighting against was not the Pope nor any rabbi but Erasmus.

Luther’s most important work, On The Enslaved Will, is the theological cornerstone of the Reformation, “No free-will” is the crux of the new religion and Luther’s entire work centers on proving it.

Repeat: Martin Luther spent his entire life trying to prove that Man has no free-will, that God’s Grace is NOT open to everyone, that God chooses whom He wants to save, which lead him to the concept of ‘Election’ or, to use a more accurate and Judaic terminology, ‘Chosen-ness’.

His efforts, his energy, his best years were never used to warn us against the Jews/Judaism. His battle, as the title of his most important book suggests, was not even about the indulgence or the luxurious life of this or that pope: that was only the Saxon tree that hid the Judaic forest. What was discussed and questioned and destroyed by Luther was the Christian Faith itself.

‘On the Enslaved Will’ was his response to Erasmus’ Discourse on ‘The Free Will’ where he reveals: “You [Erasmus] alone, in contrast with others, have attacked the real thing, that is, the essential issue. You have not wearied me with those extraneous issues about the Papacy, purgatory, indulgences and such like trifles. . . . You, and you alone, have seen the hinge on which all turns, and aimed for the vital spot.”

And that vital spot was free-will.

Erasmus’s argument was that of a normal and sane man: he accepts that God determines most things but leaves Man some freedom. “God indeed preserves the ship but the sailor steers it into the harbor”.

Luther’s argument was that of a mad man who had deliberately drank at the chalice of Judaism, who fell in love with it and with the concept of Election-Choseness, who spent his life willingly doing the Jews’ dirty work for them only to get their approval and be accepted by them as a Chosen one too.

Luther’s argument was that of ‘Faith alone’, sola fide: man is a slave, with zero incentive for moral or ethical behavior; man has no free will and so it is useless and pointless for the wicked man to try and reform himself. Everything is already written and predetermined, there is nothing we can do.

In other words, Luther’s argument eliminates moral responsibility.

As Erasmus highlighted, not only is the concept of ‘Faith alone’ (sola fide) incompatible with morality but also invalidates the concept of Justice: “How is condemnation just when it is the Judge who compels evil doing?”

This new faith came in very handy and right on time for the British who had just started invading the world and genociding all the people they encountered. They now had a new religion which so conveniently justified every evil thing they did, the exact same way Judaism justifies everything evil the Jews do.

Luther considered On The Enslaved Will his best book. It certainly was his most important in terms of consequences for Europe and the world while ‘The Jews And Their Lies’ was an inconsequential book which had absolutely zero impact on world events and world history.

It is because of Luther that what was once a united Christian Europe held together by the unbreakable political glue of ROMAN Catholicism was destroyed forever. It is because of him that Europe and, by extension, the West started its slow and painful descent into the judaic hell in which it now finds itself, the consequence of which are only now in full display.

It is because of Luther that Europe entered into the Thirty Years War, considered by all historians as one of the bloodiest and most destructive war in human history.

It is because of Luther that millions of Catholics had been murdered in the newly Protestant countries. We always hear about what the Catholics did to the Protestants, but we are never told what the Protestants did to the Catholics, never and yet, in terms of numbers and butchery, the Protestants outdid anything the Catholics had ever done before or after.

It is because of Luther that in Protestant countries, some of the greatest Christian buildings, some of the best of our Christian heritage had been erased to the ground (monasteries, Churches, abbays etc.).

It is because of Luther that the very first genocide in History could have taken place, because for the first time in Gentile History, genocide was now morally justified. ‘Utterly destroy and kill everything that breathes’ was now a sacred command for the newly self-proclaimed Chosen-Hebrews.

It is because of Luther that the Torah had been given a new virginity and became the holiest book for the new religion, despite it being in total conflict with the New Testament and the teachings of the Christ (PBUH). 

It is because of Luther that the evil of usury was now made kosher into Gentile Nations. 

And it is because of Luther that Europe and the West started its judaification process the consequence of which are only now visible.

The harm he did to Christianity, to the unity of Christian Europe and to Christians is much greater than any good he could have done afterwards. Martin Luther, the Saxon, is the man responsible for the destruction of Christianity; Martin Luther, the Saxon, and not ‘dem Moooozlems’ is the real destroyer of Christian Europe. 

So, to all self-proclaimed ‘truthers’ who pride themselves on being ‘Jew-wise’ but who know absolutely nothing about Luther but his name, who know nothing about the Reformation, who have probably never even read The Jews And Their Lies either, who have probably never heard of his masterpiece – On The Enslaved Will – before, who have not even began to weigh Luther’s Jewish poisonous legacy, who have not even began to seriously consider how his mission of devastation, which he accomplished to the perfection – German efficiency oblige – has reshaped Europe and the world forever, it is now time to stop bringing The Jews And Their Lies as a proof that Luther has was a good man who fought the Jews.

He was not, he did not. That book was written 3 years before he died after having spent his life as their lackey and their loudest spokesman. And, in an extremely rare show of appreciation and gratitude, the Jews have celebrated him ever since.  That’s right, for the Jews, Martin Luther is a Jewish hero, and nothing he could have done after his destructive mission had been accomplished, was ever going to change the course of History. That must never ever be forgotten.

As a dear friend of mine said, “The Jews And Their Lies was nothing but the butthurt resentment of a lifetime whore”. I could not have said it better.

Luther kicked off the judaification of Europe in 1517.

The Jews and Their Lies was published in 1543.

Luther died in 1546. 

Do the math.

Moreover, as it relates to America–The Jews did not just choose America’s name out of a hat in terms of the host/parasite relationship that exists now and has existed for quite a long time. America was chosen as the vehicle for implementing Judea’s goals of conquering the world because the origins of America are rooted in a type of self-perceived ‘chosen-ness’ on the part of the American people, going all the way back to the Puritans. Americans see themselves as ‘better’ than others and whose ‘model’ of ‘freedom and prosperity’ is something that should be exported to every corner of the earth, by force if necessary. We may not like the implications associated with all of this, but this is the thing about facts–they can be stubborn things.

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