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Why the JMSM is cooperating with Trump’s ‘Hurricane Harvey’

by TUT editor

ed note–for those in a quandary as to why the very same media owned lock, stock, and barrel by organized Jewish interests would suddenly cooperate in taking down Judaic sexual predators such as Weinstein, Toback, Ratner, Halperin, etc, the mystery is best explained in that scene from the Godfather II where Sen. Geary–who a few scenes before was an enemy of the Corleone family and used his power in ‘squeezing them’–suddenly finds himself in the middle of a family-orchestrated set-up where he wakes up next to the body body of a dead prostitute and thus the tables are turned.

Likewise, those operating at the top of the Judaic food chain in Hollywood are guilty of a lot more than simply ‘harrassing’ women sexually. Hollywood–as described in Mike Piper’s seminal work ‘Final Judgment–is a nest of spies, murderers and gangsters working in Israel’s service and as such is a haven of Zionist operatives who have over the decades procured children for sex purposes to various high-profile/highly-influential personages within the American power elite and as such represents ‘the swamp’ (or at least one section of it) that Trump has decided has to be drained if America is to survive.

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