Zionist Mainstream Media Tries to Normalize Pedophilia-It’s What Zionists Do!

Is the MSM making another attempt to normalize pedophilia?

by TUT editor

Ed-note – Yes it is and in the process, they are making this 666% Jewish practice kosher within what was once the Christian world. Freud paved the way by justifying the jewish practice of incest with the claim that all children dream to have sex with their parents anyway.  But psych-analysis came from a neurotic, incestuous, filled with cocaine Jewish brain, most of his patients were Jews, he did not and could not know how a normal (i.e non-Jewish) soul worked and so whatever he said only applied to the children of their father the Devil and does not/can not apply to us, normal Human Beings. 

But make no mistake, pedophilia is not the end-game: incest is and the leading country in this campaign to have incest legalized is… Germany. And no, the ‘migrants’ have nothing to do with it, Muslims have nothing to do it, Islam has nothing to do with it. It is the Jews. But how many of the so-called ‘independent’ media who surf the Islamophobic wave with such great zeal will tell you that? And how many ‘white Christian’ Europeans have dared to stand up against that?

In terms of morals and ethics, Islam does not stand in conflict with Christianity. Quite the contrary. However Islam does stand in direct conflict with our modern rotten nihilistic judaized societies. And so does Christianity. The conflict is not between Islam and Christianity. It never was and never will be. The conflict it is between CHRISTLAM and the judaized West, Christlam and the Synagogue, Christlam and all the different masks of Judaism in whatever shape or form it metamorphoses itself. 

Please research Alfred Kinsley and check out the fantastic work Judith Reisman (a Jewess) did to expose him. CONTINUE READING

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