This Article Ignores Trump’s Great Relationship With China’s Xi Jinping Who Has Offered to Fund U.S. Infrastructure to the Tune of Over $1 Trillion Dollars as Has Japan!

US ‘Empire of Debt’ will go to war to stop emergence of petro-yuan – Max Keiser

by TUT editor


RT – The Chinese plan to roll out a yuan-denominated oil contract before the end of this year is a very brave move, since countries who “tried to exit the oil-dollar matrix have met terrible ends,” Keiser pointed out. CONTINUE READING

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My comment:  The ‘Federal Reserve’ ZIONIST Mafia Dollar is Monopoly Money Backed by NOTHING!  No One wants it;  all countries want to use their own currency and get out of currency/debt slavery!  The United States MUST join the BRICs countries to save themselves;  unfortunately the United States is run by the Zionist Mafia who funded Communist Bolshevism and Hitler’s rise to power and they are determined to suppress Americans, the Christians here, the development of infrastructure here and in third world countries, and LOVE the Depopulation Agenda and the MASS starvation especially of Christians as they did before in the mass starvation of Christian Ukrainians in the Holomodor under ZIONIST Stalin!  These snakes are truly the Synagogue of Satan-all lies & deceit and EVIL!  Quit supporting them America…don’t be their fool!  The top dogs of the ZIONIST Empire are the British Monarchy and the Zionist Rothschild banksters.  The United States must exercise their Constitutional Right to print their own dollar and let these Zionist banksters fall in their own shiite into bankruptcy and prison…no more rescuing these snakes who bite us in the neck after we save them repeatedly with bailouts, gov’t contracts, corporate looting of other nations using our soldiers and other mercenaries to protect their looting.  Featured picture is of the monopoly money Federal Reserve [ZIONIST] money.  

Here is a Civil War Green back dollar issued under President Lincoln’s order:

Image result for greenbacks from u.s. treasury

BTW in China the Golden Dragon symbolizes integrity, honor, courage-everything a Great Warrior Would Be.

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