Israel’s Caste System

Drawing Attention to the Plight of Jewish ‘Bastards,’ Israel’s Own Untouchables

by TUT editor

Jews born out of incest or adultery are labeled ‘mamzers’ by religious law, meaning they can only marry another mamzer or a convert. A new exhibit in Jerusalem seeks to shine a light on this ‘terrible injustice’

ed note–a few things to consider here, not merely the backwardness of the groupthink that makes such demands, but and the injustice heaped upon the innocent by such protocols, but rather what the geo-political implications are for such items.

1. The religio-philosophical origins of this backwards protocol is the Judaic law governing the ‘sins of the father’, specifically thus form the book of Deuteronomy–

‘I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, avenging myself for the iniquity of the fathers on their children unto the third and the fourth generations…’

In other words, a man who sins may not necessarily pay the piper for it, but his progeny, going all the way out to his great, great grandchildren, are the ones who are going to catch a healthy dose of yahweh’s holy hell, despite the fact they may be righteous, moral, upright and in every way, model human beings.

On the reverse side, also keep in mind that within Judaism, THE central act of worship is the process of appeasing the anger of that same aforementioned jealous god yahweh with violence against the innocent, specifically taking an innocent animal, slitting its throat, splattering its blood all over the altar and sanctuary, chopping it up into pieces and burning it. By doing so, the sins of the individual and of the community are ‘forgiven’, even though the guilty pay no personal price for what they have done.

Is it now becoming more clear why the Jews on both the individual and collective level never admit their guilt or accept the consequences of their actions when, after all, the responsibility for whatever evil they do falls on the head of someone else completely removed from the event (s) in question, sometimes to the 3rd and 4th generation?

Next, please note how everything with them is DNA. As we point out here often, Jews as a group and Judaism as a philosophy are THE origins of racism, supremacism, and elitism, a fact that only remains hidden due to organized Jewish interests making a grand show of ‘condemning’ racism, supremacism, and elitism as a political weapon when in fact, they are the ultimate racists, supremacists and elitists with their ‘we are God’s chosen people’ paradigm.

Now, bringing this thing forward to the present–One can see the manner by which the ‘religion’ of the Jews, which has wormed its way predominantly into the affairs of nearly ALL persons on earth by virtue of Judea, Inc’s control of the most powerful nations on earth–is wreaking havoc on the world’s systems. When we consider how vitally important the circle is to all daily functions in our world today, from automobile tires to jet engines to the fans that cool our computers, once can see how much havoc would be wrought if suddenly all circles were replaces with squares, triangles, or–more to the point–hexagons. Life would slow down and eventually come to a screeching halt as everything descended into chaos and disorder, and all due to one small group’s backwards protocols who believed that the circle was a demonic shape that had to be removed in order to appease the designs of a jealous, vindictive god named yahweh.

As we say here often, while the rest of the peoples of the world, nearly 7 billion souls, are living in the 21st century AD, the Jews, driven by the backwards and barbaric precepts of their Judaism, are living in the 21st century BC and–not content with adopting any ‘live and let live’ protocols, are instead utilizing their energies and resources into driving the rest of the world backwards to that period of time where yahweh, the violent, jealous, vindictive god who guides their affairs, is installed as leader of the world with them as his ‘chosen’ ministers. Read more of this post

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My Comment:  Featured picture is of an Israeli TV show mocking Jesus on a cross as a monkey!  Israel as it is is a Rothschild Zionist creation given by one Zionist to another illegally.  Zionism IS THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.  This comes straight from Jesus word in the Bible!  Zionism does not benefit the Jewish people living in Israel either.  Israel has a CASTE system and it is a system of enslavement.

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