Is the Saudi-Dollar Connection Collapsing? Russia & Saudi Arabia Bypassing U.S. Dollar! Oil Dollar is Gone!

The Secret Saudi-Dollar Connection 
By Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte – President Donald Trump was greeted and treated like a wise and welcome world leader and ally in Saudi Arabia. But the media said almost nothing of the secret connections that for 46 years have kept our two nations linked in a special, mutually-dependent relationship. More…

My Comment:  To avoid civil unrest & impending bankruptcy Saudi Arabia is now working with Russia and the BRICs nations.

My Comment:  Get ready for a United States dollar collapse…it’s now imminent!  We MUST join the BRICs or we will collapse like the Titanic.   Our lawyers in D.C. have made an impossibly huge mess of our dollar, economy, everything!  They sent good jobs overseas to slave labor, devaluated dollar with inflationary money printing (Quantitative Easing) and printed monopoly money backed by nothing.  These sleaze bags should be arrested but the United States Citizen thinks gov’t is God and politicians are angels.  They will wake up when they are starving in the streets…not long now.  Riots & martial law next after a vicious collapse.

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