How NAFTA is Being Used to Advance Agenda 21 (Communism)

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NAFTA Pulls Blueprint from the TPP! 

Canada hosted the third round of NAFTA trade talks that just wrapped up last Wednesday. Unfortunately, even according to the New York Times the updates have been drawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which The John Birch Society and other patriotic organizations have worked relentlessly to prevent from going into force because of its threats to American independence and liberty.

Behind the News 

How NAFTA Will Implement Agenda 21/2030

Canada’s socialistic demands for incorporating gender equality into NAFTA 2.0 provide a perfect opportunity into how non-binding UN guidelines become law.

We discuss this globalist convenience in this episode of Analysis Behind the News.


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Straight Talk

A Constitutional Hair-Puller! 

A recent survey has us tearing out our hair! How long can America last if a majority of citizens cannot name the three branches of the federal government, or even distinguish between a democracy and a republic?

We discuss this glaring example of why we all need to get involved in learning and teaching the Constitution in this episode of Straight Talk.


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My Comment:  There is a very sinister agenda going on with NAFTA.

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