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Breaking news: Bone Broth Protein products found to contain insect repellent chemicals
Mike Adams Lab tests on popular Bone Broth Protein products from companies like Ancient Nutrition and Left Coast reveal the presents of insect repellent chemicals, antibiotics and other chemicals.

If you’re consuming Bone Broth products, you need to read this breaking story, exclusively from Natural News.

Here’s the link to the full story and partial lab results.

Also today, another breaking story on the Las Vegas massacre asks whether the FBI is complicit in the tragedy. The FBI has a long track record of plotting terrorist attacks in the USA, then recruiting people to carry them out and arresting them at the last minute before people get hurt.

Now, we’re all starting to ask the question: Was the Mandalay Bay mass shooting actually an FBI terror plot that accidentally went live?

That full story, including links from the NYT and Judicial Watch, is found here.

The EPA intervened on Monsanto’s behalf, sabotaging another government agency’s safety review of glyphosateBy Tracey Watson | Read the full story
Angelina Jolie’s breast cancer surgeon dubbed “dangerous” for urging women to buy organic and eat fresh berries to help prevent cancerBy Isabelle Z. | Read the full story
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Scientists discover breakthrough method for engineering gut bacteria to treat certain health conditionsBy Isabelle Z. | Read the full story
Advertising Lies: Researchers discover that most moisturizers on the market are dishonest in their advertisingBy Russel Davis | Read the full story
Sponsor: 80k toxins in environment – 700 in humans and Chelation reduces death by 90 percent in 18 yrs (Swiss study)
New research confirms that omega-3s improve gut health, helping prevent obesity, inflammation, and autoimmune disordersBy Rhonda Johansson | Read the full story
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Nourish the body and calm your mind with Health Ranger Select Organic Rooibos PowderApart from being nutritionally dense with antioxidants and minerals, rooibos is also known to be made without caffeine and oxalic acid, as well as being low in tannins. This makes rooibos tea an even better choice than the ever-popular green and black tea, as those two teas contain these substances in higher amounts. You won’t have to worry about sleepless nights or kidney stones when you hunker down and relax with a cup of rooibos tea made with Health Ranger Select Organic Rooibos Powder. You only need to think about how to take it next, whether as a smoothie, juice, or latte.

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