Calls For Investigation of [ZIONIST] Mueller’s Crimes Escalate!

Calls For Investigation Of Mueller’s Crimes Escalate

The battle over the presidency of the United States is becoming the core battle which will determine the fate of civilization as we know it. We are experiencing historical changes in the world, as the financial empire centered in London and New York teeters toward catastrophic collapse. The financial lords are no longer able to restrain their own players from warning that the collapse is imminent, as former German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said last week in reflecting on the mass of liquidity papering over the escalating debt bubble — which he himself helped create. The only escape lies in President Trump fully implementing the policies he has enunciated: Glass-Steagall reorganization of the financial system while writing off the artificial debts and generating new credits for the real economy; fully joining the New Silk Road process of directing national and international credit into true nation building, including within the United States; renewing the American dedication to the frontiers of human knowledge, through a revived space program, full-scale nuclear power production and escalation of fusion power research. These concepts, which Lyndon LaRouche has promoted through his Four Laws, are both within reach, and urgent.READ MORE

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