Wall Street Hates LaRouche For Interfering With Their Looting Operation/Death Cult

Just Why Does Wall Street So Hate ‘The New Silk Road’ and Lyndon LaRouche?

Another crash is looming over the Wall Street-City of London financial system, and the warnings of it are coming faster and faster, from the IMF to the Bank for International Settlements to Britain’s Adam Smith Institute, whose report last week called it “an accident waiting to happen.” Even one of the biggest of those banks, Deutsche Bank, is itself warning of gigantic bubbles and a “sudden correction that could destabilize the financial system.” Some 10-20% of companies in the United States and European countries are going to go bankrupt with any significant rise in interest rates, they are warning — the Federal Reserve is likely to trigger that rise this week.READ MORE

My Comment:  Wall Street is part of the British/Zionist Looting operation killing people and animals all over the planet with currency wars, derivatives gambling, economic warfare and weather derivatives & warfare.  They are financial criminals.

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