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We’ve already received some incredible feedback about The Essential Oil Institute program since we opened the doors earlier this week.

“I am so grateful that this course came along at just the right time. I am an esthetician of over 26 years, a spa/wellness center owner, single mother of two teens, and I have used essential oils off and on for the duration of my career.

A few years ago, I invested in an essential oil business but have been frustrated with the lack of education that I really need to succeed. I have looked into other courses, but they required time away from work and definitely didn’t offer all that this course is! I have toyed with the the idea of other health related sales and keep coming back to my passion for helping people to use essential oils for their health care, mental health, home care, pet care, etc…. I am so, so thankful for this opportunity, and I look forward to growing in good health and prosperity along with all of you!” — Audrey

“I have started week one, and while I was a bit hesitant to sign up for the course and spend the money (I am a full-time attorney and single mother of 3!), I have already learned a bunch and really am glad I decided to jump in and do this. I am fairly new to EOs, just really started using and learning about them about a month ago. I love Dr. Axe — found the website originally for ketogenic information, and have made it my go to source for all holistic information. Thank you to Dr. Axe, you and the entire team for providing such a wonderful resource! ” — Amy

We’ve also received a ton of questions from people who wanted to join but haven’t yet.

So today, I want to answer some of the most common questions about the program before the doors close and the price goes up by $500.

The most common question we’ve received this week is “What if I don’t have enough time?”

I totally understand! If you’re like most people with busy family schedules, then time is rare and precious. That’s why I designed this program to give you exactly what you need, and it only takes about 2–4 hours a week.

The course material is 100% accessible at any time, so you can go at your own pace.

A mentor of mine once said, “We make time for what’s important to us”.

So, if you’re ready to become an essential oil coach or start growing your EO business, here’s what I suggest:

Give the program a try. Commit to showing up for 30 minutes a day. Simply listen and engage with the material. Get encouragement from the private community. And in 12 weeks from now, you’ll walk away with a certification.

The second most common question is “What if I can’t afford the program?”

I wanted to make this program absolutely affordable for anyone who is interested in joining.

I’m thrilled to announce that we’re offering a payment plan option, so you can get started for as little as $99.

Imagine if you get just one idea from this course that helps you build a six-figure essential oil business . . . Wouldn’t it be worth it to you?


Imagine if you felt equipped to help one friend or family member overcome a major health issue . . .  Wouldn’t it be worth it to you?


Yes, this program is an investment in time and money.

And that’s why I’ve backed this entire course with a 60-day guarantee. So, give it a try. And if there’s any reason you feel this course isn’t right for you, then I insist you get your money back. All the risk is on me, so you have nothing to worry about.

Over the past week we’ve received a lot of other questions as well . . . Here are some more common questions and answers.

Q: How does the certification work?

At the end of each module, you’ll be presented with a quiz before you can progress. You must pass the quizzes to get your certification.

Each module will equip you for everything you’ll be quizzed on, but if you don’t get it all right away, you can go back, brush up on the material and retake the quiz. As long as you pass all quizzes at the end, you will get your certification.

Q: What criteria did the program have to meet to be recognized as a certification course?

I wanted this program to be accredited by one of the best 3rd party institutions available. I selected The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) to review and critique the course material. After many months of collaboration and research, they have fully backed all of the material in the course.

AADP is recognized by both traditional and non-traditional holistic schools and colleges worldwide as an independent accrediting board for alternative health educational institutions and programs.

Q: What if I live in another country? Does the accreditation still apply?

Yes! The accreditation will still apply, no matter what country you live in. The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) is based in America, but it works the same as a college degree.

Q: What’s the difference between a certified essential oil coach and a certified aromatherapist?

The main difference is that you’ll go beyond therapeutic uses, as with aromatherapy. We’ll cover aromatherapy, the science, how to use essential oils to support certain health conditions and more. But you’ll also learn how to work with clients, conduct wellness consultations and make recommendations to others.

Q: Is this training supported by NAHA?

NAHA is specifically focused on aromatherapy, and this training goes beyond just aromatherapy.

This program is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). You’ll learn how to practice aromatherapy and much, much more.

Q: Can I get a printable book version of the course?

Yes! Once you join the program, there is an option for you to purchase a textbook to go along with your course materials. This was a feature of the program that we’ve been working LONG hours to make available. And now it is. I can’t wait for you to get yours when you get started with the program.

Q: How long will I have access to the training? Is it a lifetime membership?

Yes! You’ll receive LIFETIME access to the entire training, private community and all course materials.

Q: Do you recommend specific Essential Oil brands as part of this course?

This entire program is 100% brand neutral. There are over 17,000 medical studies on the incredible uses and benefits of essential oils. The entire course material is based on the medical research and scientific studies. This program does not endorse or promote any specific brand of oils.

Q: How much more is in the course vs. what you already put out on your blog?

The course goes into MUCH more specific detail. You’ll get case studies, examples, checklists and video tutorials on every single strategy. You’ll also get access to a private community of peers, additional training and resources to help you learn and use oils, essential oil coaching and business training, plus much, much more.

Q: Will this work for someone who is not involved in direct marketing?

Absolutely. It’s great for aromatherapist, naturopaths or anyone interesting in learning more about essential oils or building an essential oil business.

Q: Will I be required to buy oils as part of the program?

You will not be required to use or buy any oils as part of the program. However, using oils as you go through the training will greatly enhance your experience.

Q: Will you cover compliance in the training?

Yes! We’ll extensively cover all areas of compliance. I’ll show you exactly how to navigate the minefield and promote essential oils with absolute confidence.

Q: How long will my certification last?

This is a LIFETIME certification, similar to a college degree. You will also have lifetime access to the course material.

If you feel like this program is right for you, I encourage you to give it a try before the doors close and the price goes up.

Join me and hundreds of your peers in The Essential Oil Institutetoday.

Many blessings,

Dr. Axe

P.S. Hundreds of people have used the course to get certified and build amazing essential oil businesses. Here are a few recent wins from other Essential Oil Institute students:

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