Petition Against NAFTA Which Allows Corporations to Sue Sovereign Nations! This Makes the 1% Much Wealthier & Prevents Countries From Funding Social Programs For Their Own!

Dear Reader,

The next negotiating round of a new NAFTA is just a few weeks away, and it’s not looking good.

One of its worst provisions – Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) – is still on the table and being aggressively pushed by corporate lobbyists. ISDS allows multinational corporations to sue governments in any of the three NAFTA countries when they create or enforce laws to protect the public (like protections for our health, environment, and climate). 

The arbiters of ISDS cases are usually corporate lawyers with conflicts of interest, and the process can take years, costing taxpayers an average of $12 million.

While there are some proposals being floated to modify ISDS, none of them challenge its underlying premise: that corporations can sue countries for protecting the public interest. ISDS must be removed, wholesale.

Sign the petition now to reject this corporate power grab in NAFTA.

For more information, read my earlier email, copied below in case you missed it.

Melissa Blue Sky
Senior Attorney, CIEL

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