Many in America Support Vile Politicians That Condone All Kinds of Violence Against Other Ethnic Groups

Reflections on Entrada: Can you support a mayor who condones violence against Native women?

by Editors

by Christian White Christian is Kewa Pueblo/Diné, a member of The Red Nation, and astudent at the University of New Mexico I want to reflect on everything I experienced at Friday’s Entrada protest, but, like many, I find it difficult to put words to the way I feel. I definitely can’t ignore my own thoughts […]

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My Comment:  Featured picture is a girl who is a victim of a corrupt politician who was gang raped by the so called “Refugees.”  These “refugees” are actually hard core criminals from Saudi Arabian jails, and mercenaries from about 80 countries armed, trained, and outfitted using your US Tax Dollar.  American Taxpayer ought to be outraged.  They rape little children, young girls and torture people into their sex trafficking.  Their victims are ruined for life if not murdered.  These criminals are all supported by the Rothschild Khazar ZIONIST mafia as is, most likely, the asinine mayor in the story above!  The Zionist Mafia love corrupt politicians that will steal from natives and give to this mafia for less than ten cents on the dollar.

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