For H.R. McMaster, Hezbollah is NO Terrorist But a Resistance Movement

For H.R. McMaster, Hezbollah is no terrorist



According to Israeli TV’s Channel 10, the Israeli delegation’s interview with the National Security Adviser, General H.R. McMaster, in August 2017, did not go very well [1].

The General rejected Tel-Aviv’s requests to push the Hezbollah and the Iranian forces as far away as possible.

During the interview, General H.R. McMaster probably declared that the Hezbollah was not a terrorist organization but a Resistance Network.

Israel is imputing to Hezbollah a large number of terrorist acts across the world, notably in Argentina and Bulgaria. These assertions have at times been validated by local governments, but have always been challenged by local judges.

The US Administration officially classifies Hezbollah as a terrorist organization on an equal footing to Daesh.

Anoosha Boralessa

My Comment:  Another way to put this is that ZIONIST media in U.S. lies, fabricates, bullshits us and spins tales.  The American people are the most deceived and manipulated people on earth by the ZIONIST SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN…I COULD NOT MAKE THIS UP!

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