Dershowitz, Zionist, is involved in Virginia Roberts Pedophile Lawsuit Where She Claims He Raped Her

Shameless Pathological liar Dershowitz– ‘Anti-Semitic Article Tweeted by Valerie Plame Just Like What Was Written in Nazi Germany’

by TUT editor

ed note–yet another example as to ‘how they do it’.

Keep in mind that Dershowitz knows, as well as every other person of the Hebraic persuasion operating at the level that he does, that every paragraph, every word, every letter, punctuation mark and syllable in Giraldi’s piece are as true to fact as saying that water is wet and fire is hot. In fact, moreso than most, because THEY THEMSELVES in the run-up to the Iraq war and in all the screeching they have done for additional wars since then, have congregated like cockroaches in their various minyans and conspired with each other as to how they could get the next phase of this ‘clash of civilizations’ rolling and what role each was to play in helping bring it all about.

AND YET, SURPRISE, SURPRISE in YET ANOTHER damning testimony concerning the Judaic penchant for blatant dishonesty and forked-tongue dialogue, we have Dershowitz coming out with his usual verbal diarreah and Judaic black magic trying to make the case that all Giraldi’s assertions are nothing but lies, conspiracy theories, and ‘anti-Shemitism’, when in fact they are 100,000% correct, true to fact, and unimpeachable.

Until the rest of the sane world comes to its senses and understands that there are no ‘good Jews’, only former Jews, since Judaism BY ITS VERY NATURE is as intrinsically, organically, and magnetically pulled towards lying and dishonesty as a fish is intrinsically, organically, and magnetically pulled towards water, then the world as we know it will continue to march at breakneck speed towards its own oblivion as as result of those deluded and deranged who yesterday and today have afforded this mental illness known as Jtosis a place at the table of philosophies that was not/is not/never will be warranted. 

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My Comment:  Dershowitz is another Zionist and he was compromised at ‘Pedophile Paradise’ owned by Epstein, another Zionist, very familiar with Billy [rapist] Clinton.


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