Activism: Zionist United Nations “Democracy” Threatens America



The Constitution is the Solution:
Always Has Been

Most Americans aren’t given proper education on the U.S. Constitution, and miss the most important aspects of it. Many might believe that a document created in 1787 is well out of date, but the exact opposite is true. The elements of the Constitution are timeless. With the threats to call a Constitutional Convention and the defiance of politicians not following it, it is time to ensure the Constitution will be obeyed.


Analysis Behind the News 

No Room for anti-Semitism


When the media gets it wrong or attacks, what can you do? A recent example shows that with a little bit of work, Birchers can help right the wrong. We hit a bit on media relations in this episode of Analysis Behind the News.


1. Read Alex Newman’s article, WaPo: White Supremacist Buckley Defines “Respectable Right.”

2. Check out media relations tips on page 5 of the Oct. 2017 Bulletin.

3. Incorporate media relations in with your regular chapter actions.

Action Project News

The Arizona Balanced Budget Amendment Planning Convention


The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) reports that on September 12, 2017, states will assemble in Phoenix, Arizona to propose future amendments for a Constitutional Convention.


This “mock” convention is to demonstrate to Congress that the states are ready for a convention. But in an actual convention, who would get to choose the delegates and what would they be in favor of?



1. Check the status of your state.
2. Read the ALEC article here.

3. Tell your State Legislators to Rescind Article V Convention Applications.


Straight Talk

UN “Democracy” Threatens America


The European Union, otherwise known as the EU, seeks to bring “democracy” to the United Nations. What exactly does that mean though?


We discuss this and what you can do to help stop the United Nations from taking away our freedoms in this episode of Straight Talk.



1. Read EU “Parliament” Seeks to Build UN Parliament article.

2. Share UN Agenda 2030: A Recipe for Global Socialism with others.

3. Support H.R. 193 to Get US Out! of the UN.

Mark Your Calendars

National Events Coming Soon to South Carolina


President Emeritus John F. McManus has written and spoken about America’s suicidal monetary policies for decades.


Reliance on sound principles and historical facts has helped many to understand the problem and how to combat our nation’s self-defeating policies.


You’re encouraged to learn more about repairing the damage and how to preserve the future.


Mr. McManus will be traveling to South Carolina to speak on September 18, 19, 20, and 21.


If you’re in South Carolina, be sure to mark this on your calendars! You won’t want to miss it. He’ll be visiting GreenvilleSpartanburgLancaster, and Summerville.


Interested in having a speaker come to your area? Request information today!



National Events

As Booked Through Freedom’s Voices, Our Speakers Bureau


Sept 18: Dollars and Sense, Greenville, SC.

Sept 19: Climate Change, Portland, OR.
Sept 19: Dollars and Sense, Spartanburg, SC.
Sept 20: Dollars and Sense, Lancaster, SC.
Sept 21: Dollars and Sense, Summerville, SC.
Local Events

Events Scheduled by Local JBS Chapters


Sept 11: Get US Out! of NAFTA, Seattle, WA.


Sept 12: Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit, Flemington, NJ.
Sept 12: JBS Information Table, Sicklerville, NJ.
Sept 14: Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit, Union, NJ.
Sept 19: The Constitution is the Solution Workshop, Philadephia, PA.
Sept 20: Exposing Terrorism: Inside the Terror, Garden City Park, NY.
Sept 21: The Real Vladimir Putin, Houston, TX.
Submit events to JBS (JBS member activity only).
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