After all the nearly 30 years that I have been speaking and writing, this video is ALL they can come up with. They are professional censors with a deeply sinister agenda – and any lie will do to secure that end.

If you are looking for racism … best look in the mirror, chaps

See here …

Email to a David Icke venue – they can’t even write grammatically – and still more cognitive dissonance

Here it is as sent:

‘I cannot believe you are allowing hate preacher to go ahead wit this performance.

In an area where many Jewish made their homes to escape persecution from Nazi Germany you are dishonouring them by allowing this to go ahead.

An explanation would be most appreciated have also published this on their website purporting to cancellation of shows at their request:’

To escape persecution from what? From Nazis denying their basic human right to freedom – including freedom of speech. The irony is stunning. Has this person ever read my books or come to a talk? Nope. Just another repeater of another’s propaganda.